Setting up .NET Core Configuration Providers

In this blog post, Premier Developer Consultant Randy Patterson teaches us how to set up .NET Core configuration providers in Visual Studio. He shows how to look at NuGet packages to access the Configuration API and then setup the providers as ASP .NET Core web applications. ASP Core uses the convenient Provider Pattern to load…

AdalException : authentication_ui_failed with ADAL and Xamarin Forms Android

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Joe Healy identifies a possible error you may get when working with an Android project on Xamarin Forms. Read about his discovery and eventual solution to fix the SSL/TLS implementation issue. Recently, I was helping a client with an Azure Active Directory integrated project (ADAL not MSAL for some…

Controlling the Number of Outgoing Connections From HttpClient (.NET Core or Full Framework)

Here’s a quick tip from Premier Developer consultant Tim Omta about configuring the outgoing connection limit on .NET Core.  The entirety of the article appears here, but don’t forget to check out Tim’s blog directly for other helpful posts! Although there are references to this all over the web for full framework, I had trouble…


Debugging ASP Core on Linux with Visual Studio 2017

Today’s post comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Randy Patterson.  It’s an excellent tutorial that walks you through setting up Visual Studio to remotely debug ASP.NET Core applications running on a Linux server. .NET Core and specifically ASP Core is an Open Source, High Performance implementation of .NET that runs on Windows, Linux and…


Jump-Start: Swaggerizing ASP.NET Core

In his latest blog post, Premier Developer consultant Rob Vettor gives an overview of how to use Swagger with your ASP.NET Core application. As a consumer of an API service, how do you know what functionality the service exposes? Easy answer: Swagger support Swagger is a framework that enables you to visually discover an API…


Exploring DataTable and SqlDBAdapter in ASP.NET Core 2.0

This post comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Joe Healy. .NET Core 2.0 Preview was released May 2017.  Great timing as one of my customers was inquiring re DataTable and SqlDBADapter support in ASP.NET Core.  Instructions to wire it up are below. Read the rest on Joe’s blog here.


Defining ASP.NET Core Controller action constraint to match the correct action

This post is from Premier Developer consultants Gustavo Varo and Randy Patterson. When developing Web API controllers many times we have situations where we need to define similar arguments in different methods. For example, a controller that has 2 methods that query users either by last name or date of birth. The name of the…


Debugging .NET core with SOS everywhere

Get some insight into debugging .NET code on non-Windows operating systems with this post from Premier Developer consultants Gustavo Varo and Ben Williams. I have been working more and more with .NET Core and one question I keep getting from our customers and partners is about the debugging experience when using operating systems other than…


How Do I Set Up A .Net Core WebListener With SSL?

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Tim Omta outlines the steps to set up a .NET Core WebListener with SSL. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Service Fabric and Windows Docker Containers lately. These are natural platforms for .Net Core, which added another learning item to my list: .Net Core.As a result, I…


How to Remove the Server Header from WebListener

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Tim Omta outlines how to remove the server header from WebListener. Sometimes enterprises or those hosting web sites wish to remove the Server HTTP response header so they can make it more difficult for an attacker to determine what type of web server they are using (IIS, Apache, etc)….