When Windows PowerShell Met Workflow

Meet the new kid on the block! Windows PowerShell Workflow (PSWF) is the latest addition to the Windows PowerShell family. First, let’s establish the context for the decision to integrate workflows into Windows PowerShell. It starts with cloud computing and Windows-based datacenters. Cloud computing provides a set of highly available, scalable computing services that leverage… Read more

Detection logic for PowerShell installation

“How do we programmatically detect that PowerShell is installed ?” – This question has started coming up frequently as more folks (both internally and externally) have started to build applications with PowerShell support. As we approach Win7/W2K8-R2 release, which will include PowerShell 2.0 in-box, it is pertinent to have the right guidance out for PowerShell detection… Read more

Installing Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP)

We released Windows PowerShell V2 (CTP) a while back. We have introduced remoting and Graphical PowerShell in the CTP and these place some additional set of dependencies on PowerShell installation. The earlier dependency on .Net 2.0 still holds good. 1.       WS-Management v1.1 is required for PowerShell remoting as the remoting infrastructure uses it for connecting… Read more

Windows Server 2003 SP2 upgrade

Because of the nature of the Windows Service pack (SP) releases, all the windows updates are consumed by SP upgrade. So once you upgrade to a new SP all the updates that were installed earlier cannot be uninstalled.  Since Windows PowerShell is released as an update to Windows, upgrading to W2k3 SP2 will remove the powershell… Read more

Behind PowerShell Installer (for Windows XP / Windows Server 2003):

The information here relates to Windows PowerShell 1.0 installer on downlevel platforms (XP SP2, W2K3 SP1 and above). The job of installers is to create an environment on a user’s machine, so that the underlying software works seamlessly on the machine. Typically most installation scripts copies some files and sets some registry keys. This appears… Read more