DSC Resource Kit November 2016 Release

We just released the DSC Resource Kit! Since our last release on September 21, we have added 1 new repository, PSDscResources, which will serve as the new home of the in-box DSC resources from the PSDesiredStateConfiguration module. This new module now has over 75,000 downloads from the PowerShell Gallery! Wow! Read more about PSDscResources in… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Community Call August 3

We will be hosting a community call for the DSC Resource Kit 1-2PM on Wednesday, August 3 (PDT). Call in to ask questions or give feedback about the DSC Resource Kit! How to Join Skype for Business Join Skype Meeting This is an online meeting for Skype for Business, the professional meetings and communications app… Read more

DSC Resource Kit – Anniversary Release

We’ve just updated the DSC Resource Kit to celebrate our 1 year open-source anniversary! The DSC Resource Kit has come a long way in a year. Originally, DSC started with only in-box resources. To make these resources easier to update, some were moved to TechNet’s Script Center and became the DSC Resource Kit. Finally in April 2015, the DSC… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Update

We’ve just updated the DSC Resource Kit for April! Since our last update in February, there have been 107 merged pull requests with 49 closed issues. Thanks to our wonderful community, the DSC Resource Kit now consists of 279 resources! We have updated 21 DSC modules which include 6 new resources. The updated modules are:… Read more

DSC Resource Kit gets even bigger

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen lots of activity from our contributors and collaborators across DSC repositories and are excited to announce what’s the biggest update to DSC Resource Kit yet! The total number of merged pull requests exceeded one hundred (105) and 53 issues have been closed. You will find updates in… Read more

Recent updates to DSC Resource Kit

We would like to share with you a summary of changes which happened in DSC Resource Kit over last few weeks. Since we’ve posted about the updates here last time, we’ve accepted 38 pull requests, closed 33 issues, updated 7 modules and added 4 new resources! Two resources were added to xNetworking module (xDNSConnectionSuffix and… Read more

DSC Resource Kit updates are here!

You may be wondering what’s happening in the area of DSC Resource Kit and if that’s the case, read on. Over the last month we’ve accepted 47 pull requests, fixed 16 issues, updated 9 modules and added 5 new resources! The new resources are xExchMaintenanceMode, xExchMailboxServer, xExchTransportService and xExchEventLogLevel in the xExchange module as well… Read more

Updated DSC Resource Kit available in the PowerShell Gallery

We’ve been focusing on improving the quality of DSC Resource Kit during last few weeks and are glad to announce that all the fixes are now available in the newest versions of modules on the PowerShell Gallery. We’ve accepted 95 pull requests, fixed 29 issues and updated 20 modules! In addition to that, xWindowsUpdate module… Read more

Development builds for DSC Resources are available

Note: This blog post is intended to people who participate in the development of DSC Resources on GitHub. We are pleased to announce that we’ve made developments builds available for all DSC Resource modules on GitHub. From now on, every time Pull Request gets merged, we produce a package with latest changes and upload it… Read more

What’s new in DSC Resource Kit

It’s been another busy month and we’ve seen lots of enthusiasm from many of you to help improve the DSC Resource Kit. In only the last couple of weeks we’ve merged 90 pull requests, 8 new resources have been added to 4 modules (xDefender, xExchange, xWebAdministration, xWindowsUpdate) and another 15 resources across 13 modules were… Read more