PowerShell trainings

PowerShell FAQ : Where I can find useful trainings to learn Poweshell? Answer: Thanks to PowerShell MVPs, we have this very useful page http://www.powershellcommunity.org/LearningResources.aspx And this online videos series from Don Jones is very good as well. http://www.idera.com/Promo/Practical-PowerShell/  Thanks Osama Sajid, Program Manager Disclaimer: Microsoft does not own, influence or benefit from the third party trainings listed… Read more

PowerShell Training Available Through Microsoft

A number of you have asked when Microsoft would be providing training for Powershell.   Apparently the answer is “NOW”.  I just came across this 3 day instructor led training class, Course 6434 “Automating Windows Server 2008 Administration with Windows PowerShell”.  I don’t know anything about the course so if any of you have taken it,… Read more

New PowerShell Training Options

  The creative guys at Sapien are thinking outside the box again.  They are offing a new hybrid approach to online training for PowerShell.  You sign up for a class and get some self-study materials but you also have an online class that meets twice a week for an hour (you have a choice of… Read more

More PowerShell Training Available

Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks (co-authors of the Windows PowerShell: TFM book) will be offering PowerShell Training in the following cities: Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Dallas, TX Las Vegas, NV Omaha, NE Philadelphia, PA Toronto, ON Check out details and dates at: http://www.scriptingtraining.com/classes.asp If you are intersted in private in-house training, contact them directly. Jeffrey Snover… Read more

More Windows PowerShell Training Available

Don Jones, of ScriptingAnswers.com, is holding two two-day classes on Windows administrative scripting in Chicago and Seattle this September. While the first day of each class will focus on advanced VBScript techniques, the second day will be entirely devoted to Windows PowerShell. No prior PowerShell experience is necessary—Don plans to start from ground zero and… Read more