PowerShellGet and PackageManagement in PowerShell Gallery and GitHub

As of today, PowerShellGet is an open source project, and both the PowerShellGet and PackageManagement modules are available in the PowerShell Gallery. Moving PowerShellGet to Open Source PowerShellGet is now a repo under github.com/PowerShell. Of course, the PackageManagement module is already open-sourced as it is part of the OneGet project.  Check out the new PowerShellGet repo at github.com/PowerShell/PowerShellGet…. Read more

Summer Scripting Games 2009

  Scripting is fun .. and it gets better when you do it as part of Scripting Games hosted by Microsoft Script Center . But wait there is more – this year Scripting Center is hosting Summer Scripting Games in collaboration with PowerShellCommunity.org and PoshCode.org .This announcement comes straight from Tech.Ed 2009.  See full details… Read more