Windows PowerShell in Action

Well folks, at long last, my book is almost done Before it goes out for print, you can get electronic copies through Manning’s early access program:  The early access program is a chance for readers to provide feedback on a book so the author can fix things.  As Jeffrey says – enjoy! -bruce ========================================================= Bruce… Read more

Issues with Windows PowerShell syntax

REI recently posted some comments/requests about Windows PowerShell syntax at: Let’s go through a few of the points. …the syntax was just way too cryptic and unintuitive. Often it’s even dangerous. Like this: #PowerShell’s syntax causes dangerous problems generating incorrect results and no error for seemingly innocent expressions: function Pow($var, $exp) { [Math]::Pow($var, $exp)… Read more

em dash, en dash, dash, dash, dash…

Some people have noticed that you can paste examples out of Word documents directly into a PowerShell session. Given all of the typographic tricks that Word does, this is actually much harder than it sounds. Here’s what we do. There’s a piece of code in the interpreter that takes each of the possible characters and… Read more