PowerShell Summit North America

We are delighted to draw attention to this year’s PowerShell Summit – an excellent community run PowerShell event. As described by PowerShell.Org: Come meet the Windows PowerShell team, PowerShell MVPs, independent experts, and your peers and colleagues in the PowerShell universe! The PowerShell Summit is a one-of-a-kind annual event, and this year it’s April 27-29… Read more

Scaling and Queuing PowerShell Background Jobs

A couple of months ago I had asked the PowerShell MVPs for suggestions on blog topics. Karl Prosser, one of our awesome MVPs, brought up the topic of scaling and queuing background jobs. The scenario is familiar: You have a file containing a bunch of input that you want to process and you don’t want… Read more

Only 2 days left to save $1000 on PowerShell Deep Dive registration

There are still a few seats open for the first ever PowerShell Deep Dive Conference and tomorrow is the last day of cheap registration! In case you haven’t already been doing it, now would be a good time to start camping out in your boss’ office begging him/her for the money and time off. Register… Read more

Advanced Debugging in PowerShell

Here is a collection of tips and tricks to debug PowerShell Read UpThere is a 7-part series of “Debugging Monad Scripts” that Jon Newman wrote a few years ago that covers a lot of tips, including error handling, traps, tracing, and covers a lot of V1 stuff. Clean codeThe best route, is to make sure… Read more

PowerShell Eventing QuickStart

  The second CTP of PowerShell V2 (CTP2) introduces another new feature called PowerShell Eventing. PowerShell Eventing lets you respond to the asynchronous notifications that many objects support. We didn’t get a chance to fully document these cmdlets in the CTP2, though, so here’s a quick start and primer to help you explore the feature…. Read more