Polaris – simple Microservices using only PowerShell

Polaris – Simple Microservices using only PowerShell Polaris is a cross-platform, minimalist web framework for PowerShell Core 6. With 6 lines of code, you have your very own webserver running and ready to accept requests – all within PowerShell: New-GetRoute -Path “/json” -ScriptBlock { param($request,$response); $json = @{ Hello = “World”; TestingTesting = @(1,2,3); }… Read more

DSC Resource Kit Release October 2017

We just released the DSC Resource Kit!This release includes updates to 6 DSC resource modules. In these past 6 weeks, 52 pull requests have been merged and 39 issues have been closed, all thanks to our amazing community! The modules updated in this release are: SecurityPolicyDsc SharePointDsc xAdcsDeployment xComputerManagement xNetworking xSqlServer For a detailed list… Read more