Proposed new standard verbs


The PowerShell team is planning on adding the following verbs to the standard PowerShell verbs’  list. Please review and send us any feedback you might have:

Invoke To introduce or put into operation (This verb has been a standard verb but was never officially added to the list)
Pop To remove something from the top of a stack.
Push To put something onto a stack.
Publish To make known to another .  (this  is related to data)
Unpublish To make it unknown to another.
Search Get a reference to a resource or summary information about a resource by looking in a specified collection. ( Does not actually retrieve that resource, but provides information to be used for retrieving it)
Show Retrieve and display a set of information. (this is related to display) (combine get, format and out)
Hide Make the display not visible
Wait To remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens


Wassim [MSFT]

<Updated to correct PUSH/POP definitions and capitalize Search – jps>