New articles on async/await in MSDN Magazine

The October 2011 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online.  In it, you can find three articles about the new async/await features of C# and Visual Basic.  While the articles can stand alone, they were written with each other in mind in order to provide a 1-2-3 on-ramp into the world of asynchronous programming… Read more

Parallel Computing Virtual Labs on MSDN

Interested in trying out the support for parallel computing in Visual Studio 2010 or .NET 4, but don’t have either installed?  No problem.  You can now use the MSDN Virtual Labs site to try these out from the comforts of your favorite browser (that supports ActiveX).  Multiple labs are available: Introducing .NET 4 Parallel Extensions… Read more

Parallelism coverage in April 2010 MSDN Magazine

The April 2010 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available, and it has several nice articles that highlight the new parallel programming support in Visual Studio 2010.  Check out Doug Turnure’s “Better Coding: Better Coding with Visual Studio 2010” and Sumit Kumar’s “Visual C++: Exploring New C++ and MFC Features in Visual Studio 2010“…. Read more

Parallelism in October 2008 MSDN Magazine

The October 2008 issue of MSDN Magazine just went online yesterday, and it’s chock full of content on parallelism.  Definitely worth a cover to cover read! Paradigm Shift: Design Considerations For Parallel Programming Coding Tools: Improved Support For Parallelism In The Next Version Of Visual Studio Concurrency Hazards: Solving 11 Likely Problems In Your Multithreaded… Read more

Another Parallel Extensions screencast

Daniel Moth is on a roll.  Two weeks ago he created three great overview screencasts for Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework.  Today, he released a fourth video, covering the Task and TaskManager classes.  Thanks, Daniel!  We’ll get this added to the MSDN Parallel Computing developer center soon, but in the meantime, head on over… Read more

Give Feedback Through the Connect site

Have you found any bugs, unknown issues (vs. known issues), or any wish list items?  Go to our Connect site, sign up for the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework connection, and start giving us direct feedback.    While the blog comments and forums are a great way to raise concerns, ask how-to questions, and… Read more

MSDN Forums

There are some great discussions going on over at the Parallel Extensions forum on MSDN.  Download the CTP, try out the bits, head on over to the forums, and get involved!  We’d love to hear from you…. Read more

New "Parallel Computing" dev center on MSDN

There’s a new Parallel Computing developer center on MSDN: “Microsoft’s Parallel Computing developer center is dedicated to providing information, ideas, community, and technology to developers to make it easier to write programs that perform and scale well on parallel hardware.”  Check it out!  There are already a plethora of resources available at the center, including… Read more

PLINQ changes since the MSDN Magazine article

I posted about changes we’ve made to the Task Parallel Library since we published the MSDN Magazine article outlining its design.  In this post, I’ll do the same thing for PLINQ.  Most of the October 2007 article on PLINQ is still accurate.   After all, PLINQ is largely an implementation of the .NET Standard Query Operators,… Read more

Task Parallel Library changes since the MSDN Magazine article

Back in the October 2007 issue of MSDN Magazine, we published an article on the beginning stages of what has become the Task Parallel Library (TPL) that’s part of the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework.  While the core of the library and the principles behind it have remained the same, as with any piece of… Read more