Cancellation in Parallel Extensions

One of the great features that crosses all of Parallel Extensions types is a consistent approach to cancellation (see In this post we explore some of the ways cancellation is used in Parallel Extensions and explain the guidance we developed. The new cancellation system is a cooperative approach based on two new types: CancellationTokenSource,… Read more

.NET 4 Cancellation Framework

A very interesting addition to .NET 4 is a set of new types that specifically assist with building cancellation-aware applications and libraries. The new types enable rich scenarios for convenient and safe cancellation, and help simplify situations that used to be be difficult and error-prone and non-composable. The details of the new types are described… Read more

Image Colorizer Sample in the June 2008 CTP

Continuing the tour of the samples included in the Parallel Extensions June 2008 CTP, we now turn our attention to the “Image Colorizer” application.   This sample uses the following constructs from Parallel Extensions: System.Threading.Parallel.For() and also the following from the standard .NET libraries: System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker System.Threading.Interlocked.Add()   The Image Colorizer was originally written by Stephen… Read more

Ray Tracer samples in the June 2008 CTP

The June 2008 Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework was released on Monday, and we’re really pleased at the level of excitement in the community that we’re seeing in response.  As part of the CTP, we included a  variety of demos and samples to help provide a tour of the… Read more