TPL Dataflow preview available for download

As mentioned here, the Visual Studio Async CTP is now available for download from  Not only does this download add language support into C# and Visual Basic for writing asynchronous methods (in which you can easily “await” tasks), it also includes a new .NET library we lovingly refer to as “TPL Dataflow”, which enables… Read more

Language support for Tasks!

Today is a very exciting day for Parallel Extensions, and indeed for all developers using C# and Visual Basic and who are interested in writing more responsive and scalable applications. At the PDC this morning, Anders Hejlsberg just announced the Visual Studio Async CTP, which you can download immediately from the landing page at … Read more

New Feature? :: ThreadLocal<T>.Values

We’ve been considering adding a Values property to System.Threading.ThreadLocal<T>.  Values would return a collection of all current values from all threads (e.g. what you’d get if you evaluated Value from each thread).  This would allow for easy aggregations, and in fact in our Parallel Extensions Extras we have a wrapper around ThreadLocal<T> called ReducationVariable<T> that… Read more

FAQ :: StartNew() with TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext() doesn’t work?

We’ve seen a number of folks write the following code to execute on the UI thread and get unexpected behavior.   TaskScheduler uiScheduler = TaskScheduler.FromCurrentSynchronizationContext();Task uiTask = Task.Factory.StartNew(delegate{    // … Update UI component; BUG!}, uiScheduler); The issue is that the StartNew call will bind to the following overload…   public Task StartNew(Action<Object> action, Object state);… Read more

Creating pre-completed Tasks

  We’ve been considering adding support for creating completed Tasks from an existing result.  Here’s a prototypical example of where this could be valuable.   void Task<float> ComputeAsync(…) {     if (!resultIsCached)     {         return Task<float>.Factory.StartNew(() => Compute());     }     else     {         // return a Task<float> with the cached result    … Read more