Stuff my father-in-law says: On baking bread

No, this is not my attempt to get picked up as a television show. It's just that my father-in-law sometimes says funny stuff.

When my mother came to visit, she brought some bread that she had made in a bread-making machine. The conversation went something like this:

Father-in-law: "Wow, this bread is really good. Maybe we should get a bread-making machine."

Mom: "It's really easy to do. You just measure the ingredients, put them in the machine, and push the button. Three hours later, you have fresh bread!"

Father-in-law: "Three hours? After three hours I might not still be hungry!"

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  1. Antonio Rodríguez says:

    It’s 2017! We don’t want no waiting for food to be prepared! Give us our Back-to-the-Future instant hydrating machine, or else!

    1. xcomcmdr says:

      It’s the $CurrentYear !! :p

    1. Rick C says:

      There was a standup comic–maybe Judy Tenuta–who used to make jokes about her dad complaining about how slow the microwave was. “Come on, come on, I haven’t got all minute!”

  2. Guy M. says:

    Guess he is a fan of the instant bread from episode 7.

  3. Dmitry Onoshko says:

    After reading the title I thought it would be a pun inside. Like, you know, “baking bread” – “breaking bad”. I was wrong :-)

  4. cheong00 says:

    I remember someone told me that CS working on pager company are supposed to queue for toilet/restroom before they have need to. In that way when the queue goes to their turn, it’d be about the time they have the need. Enqueueing “just when you have need” would be too late for you.

  5. Boris says:

    Ok, so the answer I suspected and then confirmed is that bread machines have a delay timer for the purpose.

    1. Tobias Langer says:

      No shit, Sherlock! :D

      1. Boris says:

        Well, yes, but I was just completing Raymond’s article here. If this were a case of solving the underlying problem instead of answering the question, I suspect it would’ve ended like this: “If you want to obtain fresh bread at particular times of the day, you can use a delay timer.”

        1. ErikF says:

          Yes, but for on-demand bread the machine would require a delay timer that allows negative amounts and incorporates time travel. Raymond has assured us that Microsoft Research is working hard on that feature, but we need to wait because it’s coming out Real Soon Now.

    2. cheong00 says:

      Or you can just buy a bread machine with “keep warm” function, setup to bake the bread before you sleep, and let the machine keep it warm for you after the bread is baked until you wake.

      1. Boris says:

        But warm is not the same as absolutely fresh.

  6. smf says:

    >Father-in-law: “Three hours? After three hours I might not still be hungry!”

    Hopefully not. Hunger does usually come back again though.

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