For sale: One TARDIS, working (lights), you must pick up from Vancouver

Ever wanted a full-size TARDIS that works? Well, at least the the lights work.

For sale: TARDIS - FULL SIZE - $2500 (191 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada)

condition: excellent
size / dimensions: approx 4x4 7 ft tall

CALLING ALL DR. WHO FANS! WE have a full size, working (as in lighted, not time portal) Tardis that was used as a film prop, and has been decorating our studio for years...but alas, we have run out of room and the Tardis has to go. Again, it is full size, and heavy, be warned (most portals are), but looks amazing...does double duty as a coat closet, or bar, or ?....but certainly makes a statement...its cool.

Maybe the Microsoft Research department could buy this. Then they'd have a place to put the time machine they're working on.

They didn't say what film it was used in, but the 1996 film Doctor Who was filmed in Vancouver. Coincidence? (Probably.)

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  1. Boris says:

    Um, anyone’s anything (say, coat closet?) is obviously more cost-effective: for _zero_ dollars you get a TARDIS that is just as (non)functional, except that its chameleon circuit does work.

    1. middings says:

      Coat closet? How about a wardrobe?

  2. I notice the above For Sale ad lists the approximate dimensions. Probably the exterior ones :)

  3. Steve says:

    Technically, it is not even a TARDIS. It’s a UK old-style police box. It would only be a TARDIS if its time portal was actually functioning.

    1. Boris says:

      Actually, “prop of the Doctor’s TARDIS exterior” would be the most concise description, since there would’ve been no need to build an actual police box, and by approaching it as one you’d also need to clarify which design of police box.

      1. smf says:

        Or which design of Tardis.

        UK Police boxes were made of concrete. Tardis are made from wood, or at least made to look as if they are.

        1. smf says:

          and police box doors open outwards, tardis doors open inwards.

        2. W.S.Gosset says:

          >UK Police boxes were made of concrete.

          Actually, no. At least, not all of them. The famous Police Box in Earl’s Court (London), and is made of wood. The contracts for the the first London ones all specified wood (albeit with concrete roofs). However, the Edinburgh ones I’ve seen were all concrete (and typically ~twice the size of the London ones) (presumably their Tardis internals didn’t function as well as the southern ones’ did).

  4. 12BitSlab says:

    Given the paucity of phone booths in and around Metropolis, I think that Superman might be interested in bidding on the TARDIS. Moreover, transporting it should not be a problem for him.

  5. GWO says:

    I don’t know how they resisted putting “deceptively spacious” as part of the description.

    1. Boris says:

      Because it’s not, being a dead TARDIS with even the interior gone.

      1. Neil says:

        Perhaps if you installed some mirrors?

        1. Boris says:

          It would still be a dead TARDIS, only with mirrors inside as a kind of “safe-mode” interior.

        2. smf says:

          IIRC they use a projection screen with the interior printed on. That is if the back wall is fitted at all

  6. Azarien says:

    TARDIS is not a portal, it’s a spaceship with time travel capability.

  7. Jovet says:

    Ugh… that Dr. Who movie was terrible. The Doctors were great, but the rest of it stunk.

  8. EJ6612 says:

    Where’s a magic lamp when I need it…

  9. Ivan K says:

    Inspiration man made a mame tardis back in the day

  10. smf says:

    It doesn’t look like the 1996 Tardis

    Or any other official Tardis for that matter

    It looks like someone has tried to copy a 2005 Tardis.

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