The mother lode of well-known SIDs

For your enjoyment, I share with you a link to the most comprehensive list of well-known SIDs I've found yet.

A little present for the holidays.

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  1. SixtyFour says:

    After reading the title, I was expecting more something along the lines of this:

  2. Piotr says:

    Now a list of ALL HResults :)

    1. Brian_EE says:

      Or better yet, all known GUIDs

      1. Yukkuri says:

        How about a list of all GUIDs :D

      1. Brian_EE says:

        I much rather was referring back to this ONT article:

  3. skSdnW says:

    You can actually brute force both the well-known SIDs and the SDDL aliases to catch them all. It is still best to use the raw SIDs in code because they seem to be assigned before the well-known SIDs in some cases (I guess someone has to decide that they are important/common enough to become well-known?).

  4. xpclient says:

    Proof that certain parts of Windows need simplification :D

  5. Neil says:

    The need for a list suggests to me that these SIDS aren’t very well known.

  6. smf says:

    The follow up question is who decided to use “well-known”, when the Computer Science and Everyday English meaning of the phrase don’t mean the same thing.

  7. Domo says:

    Still missing a lot of real-life SIDs, like S-1-5-90

  8. MarcK4096 says:

    Thanks for the present. :)

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