Learning about farm animals from my niece

I was playing with my niece (three years old at the time of this story), and she taught me a lot about farm animals.

  • You get eggs from cows and pigs.
  • Cow eggs are black and taste like bananas.
  • Pig eggs are blue and pink and taste like ice cream.
  • Blue pig eggs taste like vanilla.
  • Pink pig eggs taste like strawberry.

According to the International Egg Commission, today is World Egg Day.

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  1. Joshua says:

    To be fair, Minecraft has cow and pig eggs. I don't think they taste like anything.

  2. Brian says:

    Now that there's a credible reference on Raymond's blog, it's time to go update the Wikipedia entry on Eggs.

  3. 12BitSlab says:

    Raymond, I am a grandfather and I absolutely love talking with my granddaughters.  I tell all of the guys my age that being a grandfather is the best gig on the planet.  They always keep my laughing and help to keep me somewhat young.

    Glad to hear that you spend time with the youngers members of your family.

  4. DWalker says:

    No, eggs don't come from cows and pigs!  Eggs, especially the chocolate ones, come from bunny rabbits.

  5. alegr1 says:


    Bunnies make chokolatey M&M.

  6. AKFrost says:

    I immediately thought "those aren't eggs, my dear."

    I'm a terrible person.

  7. Eric says:

    And of course, don't eat the yellow eggs.

  8. DebugErr says:

    Your niece is the one who made the drawings hanging in your office, right? =)

  9. Joe says:


    Totally agree. My granddaughter is a hoot. The best part; she's even more stubborn than her mom–my daughter. Karma!

  10. Boris says:

    I suppose the next step is to visit an actual farm (or a chocolate factory) in order to test the above series of hypotheses.

  11. Alex Cohn says:

    Did you tell her about people who leave beautiful eggs in their computer programs?

  12. James Sutherland says:

    My niece is only 9 months, so not discussing eggs yet; while babysitting two weeks ago, I introduced her to a new toy, the shape sorter (which happened to be shaped like a bus, with six shaped holes in the roof). She immediately discarded the shapes and started dismantling the sorter/bus itself. A future hacker in the making!

  13. ender says:

    @James: beware, she might have the knack!

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