The latest technologies in plaintext editing: NotepadConf

On November 13, 2014 November 14, 2014, Saint Paul, Minnesota will be the home to NotepadConf, which bills itself as "the premier technology conference for Notepad.exe users and text enthusiasts."

I'm still not sure whom Microsoft will send to the conference, but maybe that person could give a talk on how you can use Notepad to take down the entire Internet.

Update: The conference has been rescheduled to Friday the 14th.

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  1. Don Reba says:

    Do they have sexy Clippy cosplayers?

    [I think you confused NotepadConf with Notepad-Con. -Raymond]
  2. Karellen says:

    I am extremely disappointed at the prejudice shown by the organisers towards the One True Editor, and their lack of fair and balanced opposition to our adversary, Emacs, and its users. Even the venerable edlin gets a dig, but not Emacs.[0]

    I therefore allege that the NotepadConf organisers are secret Emacs users, and should consequently be the next target of the Internet Hate Machine (aka 4chan). Further, I propose the creation of a breakaway meetup – the NotepadSymposium – which should consider adopting @Don's idea of inviting sexy Clippy cosplayers as a completely reasonable and totally non-creepy way to gain mindshare and traction.

    [0] Naturally, everyone instinctively understands that the ancient and noble standard editor "ed" is rightfully beyond reproach.

  3. Even Emacs springs from TECO says:

    Hm. What happened to the panel on re-implementing notepad in TECO?

  4. Tim says:

    Funniest part:

    Workshop: Integrating Spell Checking Into Notepad.

    Ivan Towlson @ppog_penguin

    Attendees should bring a copy of Notepad, and a dictionary.

  5. Dave Bacher says:

    I have a filter that will convert images to text from Photoshop and some other apps — so that then means Notepad can also be used as a paint program.

  6. cheong00 says:

    " A Look at Notepad vNext" sounds to be interesting topic to me.

    Not sure how one could advance Notepad and doesn't make it looking like WordPad. :P

  7. cheong00 says:

    Too bad they don't make use of ASCII Art converter to produce an ASCII Art drawing of the map to Location.txt on the page. They can hide a link to the actual map on the character representing the location.

  8. JJJ says:

    Will Notepad vNext support scripting?  And will it be Javascript, VBA, or batch?

  9. Dr. Loon says:

    > Funniest part: Workshop: Integrating Spell Checking Into Notepad. Attendees should bring a copy of Notepad, and a dictionary.

    You find this funny? To me this is just an example of the sort of feature creep and bloatware that has been sneaking into Windows over time. Sure you may claim the dictionary is an optional physical extra, but sooner or later M$ or someone will sell dictionary back-strap mounts for the SurfacePro – correction: *SatanPro*. Still laughing now? What next? With Windows turned into a tablet device the straps might as well be marketed as a papoose as well. WINDOWS IS NOT A PAPOOSE!…/File:Edward_S._Curtis_Collection_People_007.jpg

  10. Neil says:

    @Tim: Spell checking in Notepad seems easy enough. You just need a file, words.txt, which contains every known word, and then do a Find in it for each word whose spelling you want to check. (Use some sort of delimiter to ensure you find whole words; space comes to mind.) The bit that worries me is the copy of Notepad, which might be a violation of your software licence with Microsoft. Maybe they're supposed to bring a licensed installation of Notepad instead?

  11. Dave says:

    @JJJ:  Definitely batch.

  12. John Doe says:

    Add more c̶o̶w̶b̶e̶l̶l̶ meta:

    In this session, you'll learn how to write code in Notepad that runs code from Notepad, so you can run code for Notepad while you edit code in Notepad!

  13. 640k says:

    Support of LFs (without CRs) would have been a pleasant feature of vNext. Well, maybe only a dream.

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