Excuses I learned from babies

I was visiting a friend of mine, and his young daughter was being unusually cranky. He explained, "Oh, she's teething."

I filed that away as an excuse I could use the next time I felt cranky. "Sorry about that. I'm teething."

Here's another excuse you might want to use:

"No, I'm not drunk. I simply lost interest in remaining upright."

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  1. pc says:

    I had some pain from my wisdom teeth at around the same time my child was teething. I did start referring to myself as teething as well, as it was a fairly accurate description. (I did get my wisdom teeth out shortly thereafter.)

  2. Anon says:


    A little off-topic, but it seems Michael Kaplan's MSDN blog has lost interest in being online… he's now at sortingtherestallout.blogspot.com

  3. Ian says:

    For some reason I read that last line as "Lost interrupt in remaining upright" (which could perhaps have the same effect).

  4. Willie says:

    The teething excuse would be just fine, if it were true for you.  Otherwise it's just saying something false.

  5. j b says:

    If you're old enough, you could excuse yourself by telling that you are unteething.

  6. jas88 says:

    Having had that same wisdom tooth pain (infected + impacted) a few years ago, I sympathize there. (Worse still, I was told removing them would be almost impossible for some reason; even the dental hospital wouldn't touch it, I'd need a full blown hospital…) So, still there, but no longer infected thanks to some strong antibiotics. I'm hoping it stays there, now I know how much 'fun' the extraction would be!

  7. Azarien says:

    What's the point in removing one's wisdom teeth "by default"? I didn't.

  8. metafonzie says:

    "I'm not upset.. its just the Moro reflex."

  9. rsola says:

    Does anyone recall "Starship Poopers" from the Tree-house of Horror IX episode of The Simpsons?

  10. foo says:

    > Does anyone recall "Starship Poopers" from the Tree-house of Horror IX episode of The Simpsons

    Look, Marge! Maggie lost her baby legs! :)

    > "Sorry about that. I'm teething."

    Analogy would be more symmetric if one was a boss: "Sorry about that. He's teething". [Got a dummy? (answers.yahoo.com/…/index)]

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