2013 year-end link clearance

Another round of the semi-annual link clearance.

And, as always, the obligatory plug for my column in TechNet Magazine:

The retirement of TechNet Magazine also spells the end of the Windows Confidential column, so this is the last of the obligatory plugs, at least until I have some other obligatory thing to plug.

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  1. Anon says:

    I know EXACTLY who was brandishing that OS/2 CD.

    No names, though.

  2. Joshua says:

    You know how these things [undocumented registry keys] are found, right? Change the setting, diff the registry, and filter out irrelevant information. A lot of these actually work if you reboot after changing the setting.

    Yes, I've done it. Yes, I've been very much prepared for it to break on the next Windows version.

  3. Ed says:

    Coke seemed a little more sensitive about their competitors than another company we visited several years ago to demo our travel planning software. The company was Burger King headquarters, the demo was right after lunch, and the BK employees were just finishing their meal from Wendy's.

  4. Mark says:

    Ed: The restaurant industry is peculiar like that. I happen to work for a major dining franchise, and we rarely get lunch from our own restaurants. Similarly, nobody thinks twice of dining at the establishment of one of our "competitors." I suppose every brand is a unique experience and it's not really viewed as offensive or disloyal to patronize a different establishment; even if they compete with you in the casual, fast casual, fine, etc. space.

    [I suspect it's because weird to eat nearly every meal at the same restaurant, but it's not too weird to have the same beverage with nearly every meal. -Raymond]
  5. Neil says:

    I guess it's one way of keeping tabs on your competitors.

  6. cheong00 says:

    Btw, in the $700 pagers story the pagers should have been bundled with Gameboy or GameGear.

    I don't think NDS has came out yet. :P

  7. Joe says:

    Mark: I would assume it's because each fast food chain knows what's in its own "food", and nobody in the know actually wants to eat it.

  8. Anon says:


    The problem is that when it stops working in ten years, but is a critical component of your company's 100-page login script, no one knows how to fix the problem.

  9. JamesNT says:

    I was Okay with the retirement of the TechNet subscription since I saw first hand a lot of the piracy going on out there.  But retiring TechNet Magazine is just plain painful.  I LOVED my TechNet Magazine.  The articles were great and, of course, I loved Mr. Chen's entries.  

    I'm going to miss TechNet.


  10. Josh Bowman says:

    I'd love it if you started up a new side blog (The Old New Gaiden?) for an in-depth monthly column. Those are always fascinating in a different way from your regular blog.

  11. John Doe says:

    Please, whenever, if ever, do tell us about an upcoming obligatory plug.

    Raymond, your established column is always among the best articles you can read in the (now archived) TechNet magazine issues. Well done.

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