Sir, is this your high-speed ferry?

The Victoria Clipper is a high-speed ferry that runs primarily between Seattle and Vancouver Victoria, BC. Early Sunday morning, a man scaled a fence and drove off with one of the boats.

The issue was resolved without major incident and only minimal damage, which means that it is now open season on jokes!

"Why yes, officer, this is my ferry. I must have left the registration in my other pants."

According to the vessel superindendent, "There is a joystick and he thought it was like an Xbox," ending up driving the boat in circles. You can see the GPS track here (photo 19).

Of course, if the thief had had a Kinect, he would have used the voice control. "Clipper, go to West Seattle. Clipper! Go. To. West. Seattle. CLIPPER!" (Waves arms frantically.)

Or maybe the Clipper would have responded, "Hi, I'm Clipper! It looks like you're trying to go to West Seattle. I can help you with this. Is this a personal trip or a business trip?"

Even the Seattle Police Department joined in the festivities, using a popular hashtag for the incident.

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  1. Bar_Foo says:

    The ferry goes to Victoria, not Vancouver!

    [DUH ON ME. -Raymond]
  2. Cesar says:

    Love your "screenshot" of the tweet. Who needs imagemaps?

  3. Random832 says:

    That's a twitter embedding code provided by Twitter, I think. Which means it's actually live, and the favorites and retweets will go up as more people retweet it.

  4. Me says:

    When they picked him up I bet he shipped his pants.

  5. Yuri says:

    You had me at the 'Waves arms frantically' part.

  6. Ken in NH says:

    Judging by the GPS track, I would say that piloting a boat was not in his wheelhouse.

  7. mvadu says:

    Raymond, totally unrelated question. What happened to Michel Kaplan's blog? Since he published an article on Hardware partners last week his blog seems to have disappeared from, I am getting "Resource Not Found" error. Did MS boot him?

    [No idea. -Raymond]
  8. Dark says:

    Yeah. So according to the linked articles the guy's had repeated convictions, is a registered sex offender, and has been called a danger to the community on a previous occasion by a judge. Good thing he got picked up before he decided to do something worse to satisfy a whim or to get 15 minutes of fame. Oh, here's a joke: Wonder if he put a "Kids Ride Free" sign on the boat before heading off.

  9. Long time lurker says:

    I was trying the available translations for this article. Curiously, in Hindi, it says वैंकूवर, ई. पू. for Vancouver, BC where B. C. is translated ईसा पूर्व for Before Christ. Any other translation has this oddity? I see German sticking to "BC" and French doing the British Columbia expansion.

    On the Hindi translation itself, pretty good translation overall, though जीपीएस, as expected is "GPS" transliterated , but funnily enough, so is "Business", बिज़नेस. Also, "Waves" got translated as लहरों which is waves but of the oceanic kind and "arms" became "शस्त", weapons. "Waves arms frantically" becomes "ocean waves weapon madness"

  10. Neil says:

    Perhaps he wanted to circumcise the world.

  11. @Long time lurker says:

    You can inform the translation service by clicking on the out-of-sorts translations and clicking the "improve translation" drop-down then giving your improved translation there.

  12. 640k says:

    All land masses outside murica are "overseas". Europe, China, Canada. What's the difference?

  13. CarlD says:

    "The ferry goes to Victoria, not Vancouver!"

    But Victoria, BC is on Vancouver Island – so both are (at least somewhat) correct!

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