My friend lived in an apartment inside a museum

One evening, I had a series of three dreams. In each one, I visited an unusual home.

In the second dream, I visited the home of a friend of mine. She lived in a modern luxury apartment inside an art museum. It was a little tricky, because you could visit her only during museum hours. If you stayed past closing time, then you were locked inside the museum, and you were spending the night whether you liked it or not.

On the other hand, it meant that you could go out an view the art to your heart's content without any crowds.

And no, the museum did not come to life. You just got free run of a museum for the night.

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  1. Just Karl says:

    How do you unsubscribe to emails from this blog?

  2. James Curran says:

    Here in NJ, we have the Bickford Theater, which is on the Morris (county) Museum.

    In the evening, the theater is used by local community theater groups.

    Which means, during intermission, you can wander through the empty museum.

  3. Ben says:

    @just karl, if you are getting emails "from this blog" then I suggest you look for an unsubscribe link on the email.

    Probably it is some third-party RSS reader service you subscribed to many moons ago.

  4. On the opposite side, a friend of mine swore that his kindergarten spanned over almost all the condos in a four or six-story building; only on the last floor there was a "normal" house where lived some man, who they often saw bringing up the groceries at home.

    (it must be said that this my friend is known for his not-so-believable stories)

  5. Gabe says:

    Last night I dreamed that I was called back to middle school for an assembly. I think it was a motivational speaker. I was there with my best friend from eighth grade, and I remarked about how we're probably older than some of our teachers were when we were in that grade.

  6. Brian_EE says:

    @Just Karl:

    On the main page of this blog, on the right side in the "Common Tasks" box, click "Email unsubscribe to this blog"

    This was just discussed in the comments of another post within the last two weeks….

  7. Eric H says:

    Perhaps you read this when you were little:…/B004FGMDNW

  8. j b says:

    In Norway, in the zoo of the city of Kristiansand, you can live be living in the zoo, if you like. At least if you are loaded with money – you pay per night, about as much as for a medium-priced hotel room.

    The zoo is not a pure zoo; it has some entertainment park elements. An example of the latter is a complete reconstruction of a fantasy village in one of Norway's most popular children's books through all ages, "Cardamom town" by Torbjørn Egner. After the zoo closes its gates at night, overnight guests can stay in this fantasy model town, and walk around watching the zoo animals at night. (Special guided night tours are arranged, for those who find it too scary to walk alone.)

  9. Steve D says:

    I presume you did not encounter remote-controlled robot trousers?

  10. foo says:

    Reminds me of Charley Parkes (played by a young Robert Duvall) from the 1963 Twilight Zone episode "Miniature".

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