The imaginary experience of dining at an underground restaurant

I dreamed that my brother complained, "Dude, you didn't leave room for my car in the garage." Well yeah, because I didn't know you were coming. We decide to go out for dinner, and I see that he squeezed a third car into our two-car garage. We back out, and I watch the car fit through a gap of two feet between my car and the garage door.

We drive around and decide to eat at an underground restaurant at the home of my retired next-door neighbors (across the street in real life at my old house).

At this point, my dinner partner changes to a former work colleague. Without prompting, she tilts her head back, and her right eye bulges a bit. I'm about to say something when it pops clean out into her hand. I'm quietly freaking out, but she casually pops it back in. It takes a while because it caught on her scarf, so she has to tug the edge of her scarf out of her eye socket. This is her real eye, not a glass eye.

She says, "I was afraid that would happen. But from your reaction, it sounds like it was pretty cool. I want to see it for myself." She leaves for the bathroom where she can pop her eye out in front of a mirror.

While I'm waiting for her to return, the waitress sashays to our table in a billowing green hoop skirt to refill our water. I would have paid more attention to remembering the details of the dress, except that I'm still shaking about that eye thing.

At this point, I was awake and couldn't get back to sleep because, y'know, the eye thing.

I was so shaken, I didn't even bother submitting a review on Yelp.

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  1. Ace says:

    What was for dinner? :)

  2. Rob says:

    Yelp review: It was eye-popping good!

  3. morlamweb says:

    I wonder if your subconscious is somehow getting into the Halloween spirit?  My sig other and I tend to watch more scary movies and read more horror books in the weeks leading up to Halloween compared to the rest of the year.  This dream is quite the departure from your usual dreams (if your dreams could be said to be "usual").

  4. 12BitSlab says:

    She was just keeping an eye out for the server.

    [Nice. -Raymond]
  5. You should have put your hands up and said "Parley?"

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