At least it’s clear who will NOT be bunking together

I dreamed that I was on a business trip with two colleagues. We discussed Canadian science broadcaster David Suzuki and how in photos of him as a teenager, he looked like Elvis Presley. (Note: Not actually true as far as I know. Remember, this is a dream.)

Fortunately, the hotel room we booked had three beds. But if Michael Jackson hadn't canceled, then two of us would have had to double-up, and we briefly discussed who would be bunking together. Possibly my two colleagues together, or me with the first colleague, or me with the second colleague. It went without saying, however, that had Michael Jackson actually shown up, he would definitely have been be given his own bed.

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  1. Lee C. says:

    One of my favorite passages from David McCullough's recent biography of John Adams was about Adams and Benjamin Franklin sharing a hotel bed while on a business trip. Adams wanted the window closed while Franklin wanted it open. Adams wrote that he drifted comfortably off to sleep as Franklin was lecturing on his theory of the health benefits of an open window.

  2. R. Erde says:

    Good thing you didn't dream it was OBL.. Or LBJ! How whacky! ^__^

  3. SCB says:

    Are you talking about the author of "Principles of Program Design"?

  4. Silly says:

    I thought for a second he was talking about the Canadian actor who played Trevor on Trailer Park Boys.

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