Dentistry in the Brazil-like future

I dreamed that I was living in a nursing home in some Brazil-like dystopic future.

In this future, people had become so horribly disfigured that they wore flesh-colored suits under their clothes all the time just so they would look good "naked". This vanity extended only to people under the age of around 40. The old people in the home were just your average old people, with spotted, wrinkly skin. Nothing particularly ugly about them; just your average old people. In the dream, I was my current age, but I was living in the home anyway, probably because I became prematurely senile.

A dentist spontaneously appeared to give me a futuristic dental procedure. ("Hey, how'd you get here and what is that zappy thing in my mouth?" Did I mention that I was senile?) After she was done, the dentist said, "I fixed your back four teeth."

"You made them last longer?" I asked.

"No, they'll fail at about the same time as before. They'll just fail differently now."

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I'd rather not say. You can look in the mirror."

With trepidation, I looked in the mirror. My eyes were no good, so I had to ask somebody to tell me what happened.

"Dear God, she installed leeches in your mouth! Mind you, she did a really nice job, getting them to criss-cross like that."

Bonus details: The dentist and dental assistant were hideously disfigured, and I did not notice until later that each had one arm and one stump. The dentist's and assistant's stumps snapped together like a garden hose, making them a grotesque conjoined dental crew.

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  1. Robin Williams says:

    I very rarely remember my dreams (maybe twice a year or thereabouts) so when I do, they're that much more striking.

    So I like these summaries of yours – you should write them down on a blog or something.

  2. Ganesh says:

    This is more of a nightmare.

  3. A concerned citizen says:

    Maybe you shouldn't eat chili before bed.

  4. Perry O'Donnell says:

    "They'll just fail differently now."

    Something about this suggests a long acquaintance with software development and testing.

  5. AC says:

    The thing about people wearing 'flesh-colored suits under their clothes all the time just so they would look good "naked".'…

    Wow. I would have never even thought about that. That's so crazy, I can definitely see it happening. Actually, now that I think of it, I just wonder WHEN.

  6. Tom says:

    Guys, I think AC is just about to realise why we all look better than him naked. Our only hope is to get him to the dentist pronto!

  7. JB says:

    Someone saw Lords of Salem over the weekend.

  8. dh0well says:

    That's awesome. Sounds like you just wrote the sequel to Eraserhead.  :)

  9. Worried says:

    Not sure if I'm more disturbed about you having that dream, or that you thought you should share it with us.

  10. cheong00 says:

    I dreamt that I went to coffee shop to have dinner alone last night. Instead of taking traditional seat, the shop's owner invite me with another 2 groups of people to eat in the kitchen. The kitchen is half-open bar style, and located half-floor above the ground so we get a good view from the interior of the coffee shop. However since I don't know the others (there's 8 people sitting around the table) and they talking and laughing with big noise, I feel a bit weird and didn't enjoy the meal well.

  11. I dreamt that I was in a building with Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and someone I didn't recognise – we were being shot at. So, we decided that a small garden shed nearby would provide the best protection from bullets. The unknown guy and I ran through the line of fire to the shed, and didn't get shot. We sent Data in the opposite direction to get some chairs. When we got into the shed, there came a knock on the door – it was the farmer from Hot Fuzz ( ). We had a conversation (I could somehow understand him) about the odd weather recently – we came to the conclusion that we hadn't missed out Spring entirely, but that it seemed to be a lot shorter/more extreme than usual (and he's a farmer, remember, so he clearly knows what he's talking about).

    I don't know if Data ever got back with our chairs as that's around when I woke up.

  12. Danny says:

    Brazil – yummy mommy. That's when I realized redhead's are hot. Until then brunet's were my thing. My wife is a redhead :).

  13. foo says:

    probably because I became prematurely senile

    Perhaps the entire dental procedure was a delusional fantasy within your dream:

    In your dream you are senile and have been forcibly committed to a full-care institution for your own safety. Most of the patients on your ward are elderly and you only really see them during pill dispension time, when you have moments of lucidity. At some point you have a psychotic episode involving the dental procedure.

    So just laugh it off: the whole Brazil-like future dentistry thing never happened!

  14. Horst Kiehl says:

    @Muzer0: Apparently Data was still in the other shed with Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson watching him composing his next symphony.

    (Since Data is so polite he can't just interrupt him and ask if he may take those chairs.)

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