Old trace logs in your dreams

I dreamed that I was archiving old data. Some came off an old CP/M floppy disc. Another was an IntelliTrace debug log from the 1980's. Back then, IntelliTrace recorded the history onto index cards, which were stored in trays like in a library card catalog. Made jumping back and forth really easy, but setting breakpoints was a pain.

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  1. JM says:

    That reminds me of manual labor.

    Once upon a time I accidentally deleted a critical file on my Commodore 64, and didn't notice until the directory entry itself had been overwritten — meaning there was no easy way to restore the file, nor even a guarantee the sectors themselves hadn't been overwritten. I busted out a disk monitor and scanned until I'd found a bit in the middle of the file, then carefully tracing next – previous pointers across the disk on a sheet of paper until I'd gotten the initial sector and the allocated sectors, which allowed me to recover my file.

    It wasn't until much later that I realized I could have written a program to do this for me, given the sector in the middle. However, given my skills at the time (or lack thereof), it was dubious whether or not this would have actually saved time.

  2. Mormegil says:

    Do androids have breakpoints in their dreams?

  3. Horst Kiehl says:

    Wouldn't a breakpoint in a dream be the moment you recognize it as a dream? I guess that would make lucid dreaming debugging (or at least tracing) the dream.

  4. 12BitSlab says:

    In the olden days, I could get both a dump and a trace output to cards.  That was on a 20k word (yes, 20k words) "mainframe".  That machine didn't even use an 8 bit byte.  It used 12 bit slabs.  In that 12 bit slab, one could store 3 4 bit digits or 2 6-bit alphas.

    So, maybe your "dream" was real.

    anyone know which machine I referenced?

  5. John Ludlow says:

    Over the weekend I dreamed that I got a letter telling me I had to join the army. Disconcerting given that I am definitely not soldier material (5AM is not actually a real time – the universe ceases to exist at 2AM, and doesn't pop into existence again until 7:30AM). Also disconcerting once I remembered that I live in the UK, which does not have National Service.

  6. Mike says:

    But a breakpoint in a dream in a dream would not be discovered as being a dream, as the dream in a dream would be the one to take the focus. So you'll be on your way with your dream, without being disturbed. :)

  7. 12BitSlab says:

    @ dave, yup.  It was an NCR 315.  I worked on those MANY years ago.  The operator would actually deliver a dump in the form of cards to programmers in a tray.  Maybe Raymond is much older than he lets on????   :)

  8. cheong00 says:

    Haven't used punch card system, but does "just placing half deck of cards" equivalent to setting a breakpoint? How about using things like Blu-Tack to make sure the next card is stuck at the card feeder?

  9. Raymond, sorry to drag up an old post, but just wanted to thank you and let you know that "Microsoft Money crashes…" from November of last year just saved my sanity, and Money.

  10. Joshua says:

    @12BitSlab: You don't know yet, do you. String the timeline. Charles Babbage. Alonzo Church. Raymond Chen.

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