News flash: Work-at-home job offers are mostly just scams

McClatchy Newspapers discovers, to everyone's surprise, that work-at-home job offers are mostly just scams. Of course, this is something Rob Cockerham discovered years ago. (He also has a rundown of all his articles on the subject, in case you haven't gotten enough.)

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  1. AsmGuru62 says:

    Also, the sites where you need to "register" keep your credentials in open form.

    Well, if you use same credentials as in your other accounts (bank, email) — trouble is coming!

  2. Gabe says:

    This "mostly" aspect is somewhat intriguing. Now I'm interested in the tiny fraction of these offers that aren't scams! Where do they exist? What are they for? How can you tell they're not scams? Etc.?

  3. voo says:

    @Gabe That's probably the same problem those people have who really want to give a ferrari to the one millionth user of their website! ;)

  4. Jim says:

    There's a catalogue of pointless kitchen gadgets and the like in the UK that uses work-at-home people (although it's not exactly "at home"). The people that sign up receive a batch of the catalogues and distribute them to doorsteps, then collect them back up later (the catalogues come with notes saying when this will happen). If you have an order then you just leave it with the catalogue, but even if not the catalogues get collected (I'm not sure why; perhaps to distribute to other roads later). These people also deliver the actual goods, I believe.

    I suspect the way you tell what type of job it is is the pay! Although perhaps even the legitimate ones quote unrealistic wages in the adverts.

  5. cheong00 says:

    @Gabe: Some freelance programmers can and MUST work at home. Their "customers" sometime even cannot setup proper development environment for them to work at, and they really pay when they get the resulting website/application package anyway so they don't care where you code it. (Wile others will require you to buy yourself a laptop to work at their places.)

  6. Gabe says:

    Cheong00: Where do you live that you see freelance programming job offers on signs posted on random utility polls and such?

  7. JohnL says:

    Yeah the "Make £££ working at home" ads are pretty much a scam (Though my mum was actually on one of those catalogue things that @Jim mentioned – it wasn't a scam, though she only made a few quid from it).

    More startups now are using "telecommuting" where people work from home (and often use a VPN to connect to the work network) because it saves money.

  8. Danny says:

    I work at home, using oDesk. And as programmer. Not all "work at home" offers are scam, and lately the shift is from bogus offers to real offers. What you said is exactly that, is related to "years ago", today is 2012.

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