A joke for mathematicians: On the Weyl schism

In one of my mathematics classes, the professor noted (and freely admitted that the joke was not original with him), "There are essentially two groups of mathematicians: Those that have read Weyl and those that have not. And once you enter the first group, you will never be understood by anyone in the second group."

I guess it's only funny to mathematicians.

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  1. Once you enter the first group, you are stuck there.  This phenomenon is known as the "Weyl loop."

    [Niiiice. -Raymond]
  2. petritis says:

    If you end up in a "Weyl loop" and get tired, probably the best thing for yourself and your family, is to take a break.

  3. Larry Hosken says:

    Break? Why not Das Continue-um? Get it? Like Weyl's Das Kontinuum? It's funny, right?

  4. EMB says:

    So is not-so-funny-math-joke time? Okay!

    Math class for Introduction in Algebra (propositional logic) learning about tautology, the professor tell:

    "So a nervous mathematician called a friend from maternity to tell that his baby was born.

    -Hey! I am a father now! -saids the mathematician

    -Cool! Congratulations! It's a boy or a girl? -asked the friend


    Note: She said that only she found it funny before telling it.

    My self, and only Me, laugh. Is that good or bad? YES!

  5. Ivan K says:

    One quote about Weyl I'll always remember reading is: "Apart from agreeing with reality it is certainly a magnificent achievement of pure thought. – Einstein, to Hermann Weyl, about Weyl's attempt to unify gravity and electromagnetism." (copied from the footnote at math.ucr.edu/…/week246.html)

  6. GWO says:

    What's yellow and equivalent to the axiom of choice? Zorn's Lemon.

    What's purple and commutative? An Abelian grape.

  7. Simon says:

    Why is a PhD theologian like the Laplacian operator acting on a scalar field?

    They're both div grad!

    Cause, you know… Divination graduate…


  8. Raphael says:

    I myself prefer some nice Abelian soup.

    And remember kids: Don't drink and derive!

  9. Magnus says:

    "And remember kids: Don't drink and derive!"


  10. Engywuck says:

    what's yellow, complete and normed?

    A Bananach space

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