Adjusting your commute to avoid being at work quite so much

Commenter Bernard remarked that he moved from one side of the company campus to the other, and his commute distance (and time) was cut in half.

That reminds me of a short story from a now-retired colleague of mine. He bicycled to work, and over the years, the gradual expansion of the Microsoft main corporate campus resulted in nearly three quarters of his commute to work taking place on Microsoft property. This bothered him to the point where he changed his route just so he wouldn't be "at work" practically the moment he left his house.

Bonus chatter: Looks like Michael Kaplan also has one of these unbalanced commutes.

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  1. Joshua Ganes says:

    It's strange the way a frame of mind can have this effect. I lived on campus my first couple years of University. When I later moved just off campus, it felt drastically more significant to go to class. This was noticeable even though the commute (AKA walking) time was only 5 minutes more.

  2. John Styles says:

    I worked on a Ministry Of Defence site (for a software company doing secret work in a metal box) where the staff got an extra day off a year to account for the time they were on site between the perimeter security and when they clocked on in their actual working areas.

  3. Patrick Hughes says:

    I would have taken a different route, move the time punch clock closer to home.

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