Reflections create Xbox logo on neighbor’s roof

In other parts of the world, religious images emerge from random patterns. Out here, we get Microsoft marketing.

If I were on it, I could've charged admission.

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  1. rrod says:

    why is only 3/4 of the ring litted?

  2. SMW says:

    A number of years back I had been playing Diablo II on a regular basis, even well after it came out.  While out driving in the late evening I pulled up behind a small SUV stopped at a light.  There must have been a crack in the bottom of the 3rd brake light, as it caused a red X-like light to be shown on the ground just behind the SUV.  My immediate reaction was that the car or its driver was aura enchanted!

  3. TB says:


    It wasn't the driver nor the SUV. He held Rakanishu captive in his trunk.

    On topic:

    That really is pretty cool.

  4. tsrblke says:

    Perhaps out there, that is a religious symbol? ;)

    Reflections are odd, I remember when my school built a basically parabolic building with a solid wall of (mostly reflective) windows.  They were surprised when people complained about the "hot spot" that moved about on the patio behind the building.  Whoops, the team of architects forgot to consider that (it was a eastward facing wall, so it got sun straight on.)  It was fun to confuse freshman though.  "Stand here, hold this, I'll be right back.  What do you mean it's hot, you'll be fine."

  5. Posti says:

    Obviously the aura is from an Xbox with the dreaded Ring of Death – 3 flashing red lights signalling major repair is needed.

  6. Drizzt says:

    Now, you really should tell your neighbor to buy and put aside a replacement roof, so to use it when he'll have to send the current one in repair for the RROD.

  7. Jason Doucette says:

    That's so funny, my brother has a video of his 5 year old son seeing a reflection that looks exactly like this, from a door window, and his son mentions that it's from the Xbox. Ha ha, it was cute. :)

  8. Neil says:

    I recall a very old post mentioning that it was comparatively hard to include images on the blog posts (as opposed to, say, the ingenious tables that cropped up recently). Given there's normally a very long queue of posts, I am wondering which blog upgrade allowed this post to be created.

  9. Engywuck says:

    In former East Berlin the socialist government built a large tower for television etc. Shortly after it was built the "Pope's Revenge" could be seen on a spheric part at the top:…/File:PopeRevengeBerlin.jpg

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