Dum dee dum, just hanging around the European Conference on Computer Supported Co-op… OMG LOOK AT THOSE CUTE DUCKS!

The 10th European Conference on Computer Supported Co-operative Work was held in Limerick, Ireland, and as you'd expect there were a lot of speakers and breakout sessions and... oh my God, look at those cute ducks!

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  1. Pete says:

    Is this a meta post on the importance of the auto-poster sanity-checking entries where duplicates are involved?


    [Oops! Let's try that again. (The original post was a dup of an entry from nearly a year ago. I updated it with a hopefully non-dup entry…) -Raymond]
  2. pcooper says:

    This article has changed since it was originally posted.

  3. Nerf says:

    There is something Clearly Erroneous here.

  4. James Schend says:

    Indication of how successful and entertaining the talks were, I guess.

  5. Skizz says:


  6. wendy says:

    No really, it was like that.  One minute I'm walking along to the conference dinner with some geeky fellows talking about proxy servers and the like,  then a couple of seconds later they 've all whipped out their cameras and started saying things like 'oOOOOooo' while running after the cute duckies.   I suspect that the 'rubber duckie' phenomena evidenced by Burt and Ernie of sesamme street has its basis in strong behavioural drives of geeky fellows

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is known as "cuteness proximity": tvtropes.org/…/CutenessProximity

    (why do I have to enable Javascript just to post a comment?)

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