A simple Venn diagram teaches you the difference between Norway and Sweden

Not sure it helps, though.

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  1. Ben Ryves says:

    Surely that’s a Sven diagram?

  2. B.Y. says:

    What’s this Norwegian "Will Beat Your Ass" thing ?

    If they can combine "Naked Saunas" and "Will Beat Your Ass", we’ll have a winner for sure. Now you see how cultural exchange can advance civilization.

  3. Tore says:

    I’m from Norway and Norwegians don’t hate Swedes. :-)

    Norwegian circle should include oil and Opera Browser. :-)

  4. nahtan_works says:

    I thought it was the Ukranians who beat your ass.. With willow branches.. All part of the sauna and detoxing, or something like that..

    (and that star was well deserved.. )

  5. chris says:

    If it has ABBA, it is missing a-ha!!

  6. not_chris says:

    where would "nokia" and "ericson" be placed?

  7. Olivier says:

    Since when Santa Claus is from Norway ? Also saunas are from Finland… From Sweden they just missed Ghost Rider.

  8. Marquess says:


    Nokia is Finnish. Ericsson is Swedish, though.

  9. W says:

    I love how they have Warren Ellis on their chart. Transmetropolitan is my favorite comic.

  10. Linus says:

    Finnish circle should include Linux.

    Swedish circle should include the other Nobel prizes.

    Noray circle should include whale hunting & seal clubbing.

  11. Todd S. says:

    Santa Claus -> Saint Nicholas -> Nicholas of Myra -> a saint and Greek Bishop of Myra, part of modern-day Turkey.  Norway? Right!

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