Christmas gift idea for your favorite Microsoft fanboy geek with no sense of fashion or taste

Then again, the "no sense of fashion or taste" may be redundant.

Perhaps you are so enamored of the Microsoft-branded Snuggie you received at the Company Meeting that you can't keep your excitement to yourself and want to share the joy with a friend. No problem. You can now pick one up at the Microsoft Company Store in Redmond, right across the hall from the Visitor Center. (The Rapture Index ticks up another notch.)

"You shouldn't have."

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  1. Mark (The other Mark) says:

    Is this what you are sending star-worthy comments?

  2. porter says:

    > no sense of fashion

    Fashion is like religion, it requires a suspension of reason.

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh my – is that REALLY what you got at the company meeting?!

  4. Nemo says:

    Not redundant — fashion and taste are almost opposites, in some ways. Fashion is collective; taste is personal. Fashion is ephemeral; taste is timeless. Etc.

  5. Dean Harding says:

    Nemo: He ment redundant in that Microsoft fanboy geeks never have a sense of fashion OR taste…

  6. Worf says:

    Huh, when I was down at Microsoft a month ago (about a week prior to US Thanksgiving), the Visitor Center was a dark and foreboding place. This, despite the fact that there was the Microsoft New Employee Orientation taking place at the same time. At least I now know what it looks like when it’s all lit up.

    (I will say, though, the MS Company Store folks know how to get people through the line. The line was nearly to where the MS controlled products were – you need a pass and had a limit to how much you can buy. Despite that, we got through the line within about 8 minutes.)

    I wonder what the online link to the Snuggie is (you can browse the store online, and US/Canadian MS employees can buy from there).

  7. Andrei Vajna II says:

    So the guys that received a Snuggie are now selling them at the store?

  8. Peter Kay says:

    Oh dear :).

    Technically that’s not the best way to keep warm –  a pair of decent trousers and a tight fitting top is more effective than this, which is more akin to a big coat or cloak than anything else.

    A thick coat, pair of nice trousers and a stylish hat would look much better and be just as effective.

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