Grown in the middle of some very respectable Seattle suburbs, such as Renton

"The marijuana is grown in the middle of some very respectable Seattle suburbs, such as Renton."

This is a funny sentence if you're a longtime resident of the greater Seattle area, because Renton has historically been a working-class town. (Here's Almost Live's parody of South King County to give you an idea of what Renton is up against.)

The city is working to change its reputation. I wish them luck.

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  1. Toddsa says:

    Being born and raised in Renton during the late 70’s that Almost Live skit skit is spot on.

    Almost Live was a great show, they started playing reruns again.

  2. Adrian says:

    “working-class” != “respectable”?

    [“Working-class” is a euphemism for “low-income” and “respectable” is a euphemism for “high-income”. See this older blog entry for an example of the stereotype of South King County. -Raymond]
  3. Pierre B. says:

    The idea that working-class people and their neighborhood could ever be respectable… sheesh!

    I don’t live anywhere near Seattle and I get the gist of what you meant to say, but it does come off as a bit… demeaning?

  4. John says:

    I don’t object to the euphemism in general, but I think your particular phrasing was poor.  To me it reads as thus: "LOL!  Those working-class losers are a bunch of schmucks!  I laugh at the peasants from my ivory tower!".  Obviously I know that’s not what you meant, but the phrasing could have been better.  What’s wrong with "bad part of town" or the venerable "sh*t-hole"?

  5. Christophfer says:

    For those keeping score at home, that’s three people who aren’t from Renton yet take issue and one from Renton who does not.

    Recklessly speaking on behalf of the entire population of Kent, Raymond is correct. It is a very funny sentence.

  6. zachd says:

    As a local boy, I’ve enjoyed several fine dates at the area Sizzler.  You know it’s an excellent date when you’re going to Sizzler.

  7. Mark Jonson says:

    Have they seen what’s going on in Youngstown, Ohio? A working-class city devastated by the loss of manufacturing is in a decade-long process of revitalization, centered around a completely rewritten city plan. All their hard work is starting to show its results. You can see the city plan and the neighborhoods at

  8. Philip says:

    Best jibe I’ve heard: "Renton is the armpit of Seattle."

  9. Chris says:

    While watching a Seahawks game the other night, I was shocked to see a commercial for Renton (it’s now apparently "Ahead of the Curve") staring John Keister from Almost Live.  I think this might be a sign of the Apocalypse.

  10. Cheong says:

    I think the word "respectable" is referring to the price of houses? See the note about the value of houses can be more than $400,000.

    I have no idea about the housing prices in the area. Is that price "respectable"? :P

  11. Cheong says:

    Out-of-topic: Seems the captcha code interferes with each others if I have multiple pages open. Strange…

  12. AdamPo says:

    @Chris — Renton has been "Ahead of the Curve" for a long, long time. The slogan is a play on words. It is a reference to the "S Curves" on Interstate-405.

    From Wikipedia "I-405 is known for its meandering "S-curves" through Renton." (

    To the north of Renton there were big S-shaped curves in the highway. So, Renton is "ahead" of the s-curves.

    Often a traffic congestion bottleneck occurred in the s-curves because of the need to slow down, and there was a major construction project to straighten the curves in the early 1990s. The highway isn’t totally straight now, but much better and the highway gets all the same rights and privileges as straight highways.

    PS: As a native of Bellevue, the only respectable Seattle suburb, Renton is "behind the curve" when you’re driving the other direction. I wish they’d bring back Almost Live.

  13. mikeb says:

    By the way – do any of Raymond’s readers from the Renton area have a link to the original Renton "Ahead of the Curve" jingle circa 1997/98?  That thing was hilariously atrocious – Dave Ross even made note of how awful it was when it aired as a commercial on his show.

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