Cool guys don’t look at explosions

Thanks to NPR's Monkey See blog for finding this:

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  1. mastmaker says:

    Raymond, o you devil!

    That song is now stuck in my head. How do I shake it off?

  2. ton says:

    Classic!!!!!!! :-)

    Where can I buy the album?  

  3. jcoehoorn says:

    Can anyone give a synopsis for those of us who can’t watch videos at work?

  4. James Schend says:

    jkcoehoorn: it’s from the MTV Music Awards. It’s a "comedic" song about how, in movies, the cool character never looks backwards as things are exploding behind them.

    I didn’t find it that funny, personally. The concept is there, but the execution is weak. It looks like something they whipped up in a couple hours, instead of putting real work into.

  5. RobO says:

    "Can anyone give a synopsis for those of us who can’t watch videos at work"

    …And, Mark Wahlberg is wearing a hat.

    It kind of looks and sounds like they used some of the concept of the Literal Videos guys ( with a montage of explosion scenes instead of a music video.

  6. Grank says:

    This always bugged me.  I always wanted the cool character to get pegged in the back by shrapnel.

  7. John C. Kirk says:

    The flipside of that would be the "Johnny English" trailer (not looking at the explosion for a different reason).

  8. Anonymous Coward says:

    Thanks, I will never look at an action flick the same way again.  ;)

  9. PaulCam says:

    also good is Samberg’s best fight scene promo: (a little NSFW language)

  10. zachd says:

    @2: It’ll probably be on the next The Lonely Island CD.  Their Incredibad CD is pretty hilarious.

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