Chicken chicken chicken chicken

Chicken chicken chicken chicken. [pdf]

Chicken: Chicken chicken chicken.

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  1. acq says:

    PDF link unreachable. Maybe it is supposed to be:

    [Chicken. -Chicken]
  2. chicken chicken says:

    Chicken chicken chicken chicken.

  3. DysgraphicProgrammer says:

    Chicken, Chicken, chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken? Chicken!

    Nitpickers Corner: Turkey.

  4. joel8360 says:

    Chicken fried chicken chicken steak chicken chicken.

  5. Chicken chicken chicken spam chicken.

  6. Neil (SM) says:

    Malkovich Malkovich, Malkov-?

    <looks around>

    Sorry, wrong room.

  7. Tomorrow: egg.

    This solves the classic problem of which came first.

  8. Not Steve Ballmer says:

    Developers, developers developers developers. Developers developers developers. Developers!

  9. Les Bowman says:

    Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!

  10. sanchez says:

    How do I get out of this chicken outfit?

  11. JD says:

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

  12. Leo Davidson says:

    M$ chicken chicken chicken UAC, chicken! Chicken chicken chicken!!!1!

  13. Chicken –

    Chicken chicken chicken, chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chick chicken.

    Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken – chicken chicken – chicken chicken chicken chick chicken chick chick.


    • Chicken
  14. Chicken chick chicken!!!!

    Chicken chicken chicken, chicken chicken!

  15. Eric Lippert says:

    That’s awesome, thanks for that Raymond.

    Doug and I were acquaintances when he was doing his PhD. I suspect that he might have drawn inspiration from this comic, which was produced by some high school friends of mine:

  16. Nick says:


    Reminds me of!

    Also, chicken.

  17. Arthur Strutzenberg says:

    Badger Badger Badger

  18. Foolhardy says:

    Someone took this linguist’s language from 1996 seriously:

  19. MS says:

    @Eric Lippert

    "I suspect that he might have drawn inspiration from this comic, which was produced by some high school friends of mine:"

    Seriously?  You know the PLIF guy?  That comic is incredible and I always wondered what sort of mad genius made it.

    To contribute: Chicken

  20. Nathaniel says:

    Premtive snarky comment: Beef beef, beef!

  21. a_m0d says:

    Very strong encryption algorithm! Like to see NSA crack that one! :)

  22. Larry Hosken says:

    he might have drawn inspiration from this comic

    Chicken. Chicken chicken:

    Chicken chicken chicken (chicken).

  23. Max says:

    You know when you read a word several times and after a while it just starts to look like a jumble of weird letters rather than a word?

    Oh yeah, I got that bad.

  24. Andrei says:

    Dammit Neil, you stole my schtick!

  25. Gnu gnu gnu. Gnu GNU GNU/GNU. Wildbeest.

  26. Ian Boyd says:

    Chicken chicken chicken chicken, chicken chicken chickns chicken.

  27. Ooh says:

    Don’t forget to read Jeffrey Shallit’s paper "Randomized algorithms in “primitive” cultures – or – what is the oracle complexity of a dead chicken?"

  28. Cheong says:

    [Chicken. -Chicken]

    That reply is classic.

    Frequent readers should have no problem in decoding these two words with exactly the same spelling and casing to two different words. XD

  29. chicken chicken says:

    Chicken chicken chicken chicken ‘Windows 95 Japanese’ (chicken 718-720) chicken chicken 0xa000-0xbfff chicken chicken chicken.  Chicken chicken SCSI chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken, chicken 16 chicken chicken PAE!  Chicken chicken 99% chicken chicken MICROSLOP CHICKEN CHICKEN.

    Chicken chicken chicken, Raymond Chen!

    (C.C.: chicken chicken WM_CHICKEN (0x20e) chicken chicken chicken chicken MSWord chicken. Chicken chicken chicken!!)

  30. Antti Huovilainen says:


    Chicken chicken – Chicken?

  31. Todd Wilder says:

    I find these results impossible!

  32. Hopefully you’ll forgive me for mixing languages…

    #define p chicken

    Chicken p?

  33. Dale says:

    Have you been playing Last Check-in Chicken again Raymond?

  34. Gregory Kong says:

    I know you should never explain the joke, but alas, my nerd-fu is too weak to decipher this, and alas, my laziness prevents me from searching out why this is so funny. So… anyone wanna spoil the fun?

    Also, turducken.

    [I will ruin the joke by explaning it (using the words of a colleague): “An academic presentation is such a distinct communicative genre that one can remove all the words and an audience can still recognize every nuance of the slides, vocal intonations, etc.” -Raymond]
  35. Rhubarb says:

    Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb.

  36. Chicken says:

    Gregory Kong: chicken chicken chicken, chicken chicken.  Chicken chicken chicken ‘Examples’.

    Chicken Eddie Izzard chicken (, 70% chicken chicken chicken, chicken 20% chicken chicken, chicken 10% chicken.  Chicken chicken chicken.

  37. Chicken says:

    C.C.: Chicken chicken chicken chicken Rowan Atkinson, chicken chicken chicken "behaving in an unusual way".  Chicken chicken Mr Bean?

  38. bii says:

    Duck, duck, duck, duck … goose!

  39. Wang-Lo says:

    It started as a joke, with Doug Zongker’s October 2006 article in the Annals of Improbable Research and February 2007 presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Maybe without the internet, that would have been the end of it.  But Chicken the PPP engendered Chicken the Language, Chicken the Wikipedia article, Chicken the Internet Meme, and then in May 2009, the final blow: Chicken the Old New Thing article.

    Soon Chicken was everywhere.  News crawls, iPod menus, unpublished APIs, movies — everything was rewritten in Chicken.  Microsoft released Chicken-coop for .NET, which quickly displaced Python and Ruby as the hot new unnecessary front ends.  Fox sitcoms were redubbed in Chicken, and became almost funny.  Nobody bothered with his native tongue any more.  The French Language Academy shuttered its doors.  Chicken became the only language anyone wanted or needed.  Literature, the crowning achievement of the human species for 9000 years, was wiped out in a few short months.

    Then, inevitably, ennui and depression set in.  War degenerated to rioting and vandalism, then faded away.  Birth rates dropped worldwide.  Innovation ceased.  Crops went unharvested, then unplanted.  Factories did not so much close as run down like unwound clocks.

    Now the human race, unable to bestir itself even in the face of extinction, sullenly awaits the end.  No spark ignites any imagination; no flame illuminates any path.  I believe that if I could convince enough people that Chicken is really a joke, that we have all been tricked and led astray, that it’s all Doug Zongker’s fault…  But no, there’s no way to convince anybody or to prove anything.  The evidence — the history — useless.

    It’s all still there, of course.  Nothing disappears from the internet.  But it’s all written in Chicken.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow, somebody please do a "chicken" Garfield.

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