Et tu, Fargo

Last year, our friends over in the Fargo campus mocked us wusses for shutting down the campus over something as weenie as a touch of snow. Yesterday, there was a safety alert on the internal company home page:


The Fargo Campus is closed effective immediately due to inclement weather. The City of Fargo is pulling the plows from the snow emergency routes. Employees are encouraged to leave the Fargo Campus.

Yup, Fargo has been shut down due to inclement weather.

Explanation for people who don't get it: Both this and the mock weather advisory issued by the Fargo campus are just examples of friendly teasing between the Redmond and Fargo campuses, like cousins who live in different parts of the country. I encourage readers to interpret the teasing in the spirit in which it was intended. (Though given the nitpicking from yesterday, I'm not sure this caution will be heeded.)

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  1. CrazyDave says:

    What would have been more fun if it read "…Employees are encouraged to leave the Fargo Campus, and move to Redmond"

  2. Well… except… that Fargo’s was funny.

    "For information on current road conditions, please look out the window."


  3. chrismcb says:

    You know, it did SNOW here in Redmond the other day, and we didn’t shut down.

  4. Brandon says:

    I live in Fargo, and yes, it was quite a storm.

    It’s not unheard of for businesses to close, but Tuesday’s storm (which came on the heels of a smaller storm the day before) basically shut down the entire town. Hospitals were open only to emergencies, gas stations and grocery stores (not that you could have made it there anyway). On the way in to work this morning, the road crews were cutting through an 8 foot high snow drift across I-29, which was still closed from Grand Forks to the South Dakota border.

    Glad to see the two campuses trading some humor back and forth :-)

  5. amarquis says:

    I’d like to say that the number of people who read, understood the intent of, and enjoyed yesterday’s post without comment probably dominate the "Oh, but what about PACEMAKERS Raymond?!" crowd by several orders of magnitude.

    I’d personally be sad if interesting posts like yesterday’s went away.

  6. Bob says:

    "Oh, but what about PACEMAKERS Raymond?!"

    He already pointed out there are exceptions to the rule. This would be one of them (I presume).

  7. dalek says:

    So now we start commenting AND nitpicking totally off topic on a post where commenting was closed…

    Anyway, Fargo always reminds me of the scene in movie by the Coen brothers where one of the kidnappers tries to hide the money in the snow.

  8. James Schend says:

    Bob: Congratulations, you just nitpicked the *example* of a idiotic nitpick, therefore causing some kind of nitpick spatial distortion that will now kill us all.

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