If Twitter is micro-blogging, then is what I’m doing macro-tweeting?

Here are a collection of brief messages not worthy of a full blog entry. I think I'm going to call it macro-tweeting.

  • Went to pick up my new suit, only to discover that instead of altering it, the store returned the suit to inventory.
    • @raymond: Customer service fail!
    • @raymond: Hey, at least they didn't charge you a restocking fee!
    • @ian: Got re-fitted. Clerk: "How do I ring this up?" Salesman: "You don't. He already paid for it."
  • Silver lining: Found my long-lost camera recharger while organizing documents for my IRS compliance examination.
  • Current record against Chilly Hilly: 2 wins, 1 loss.
  • Learned another Chinese word. Only 2960 to go. Should be ready for basic conversation around 2097.
  • Unpacking a blender.
    • @raymond: Makin' smoothies, eh?
  • Less impressed with friend's 10,000-BTU hotpot burner, now that I found the sticker on my own El Lame-O burner that reads 9,925.
  • Got schooled in dumpling-making.
  • If, at the dinner table, a four-year-old offers to play the game Guess what's in my mouth, you should decline.
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  1. John says:

    We’ve got to nuke Twitter from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.

  2. DysgraphicProgrammer says:

    IRS compliance examination: All the pain, discomfort, and intrusiveness of a proctologist exam, but with none of the fun pain killers afterwards

  3. Not_YuhongBao says:

    If you had never heard of Twitter (or have little to no experience with mild tourettes) this would be the ultimate example of disconnected neuron activity.

  4. Mike Dunn says:

    The actual Twitter user @raymond has a rather… interesting avatar.

  5. Gabe says:

    Does "@raymond" mean "raymond says" or "to raymond:"?

  6. Mike Dunn says:

    @raymond means either "the Twitter user named raymond" or "a comment directed at the user raymond" depending on context.

    If I’m writing a tweet I might say "It was great meeting @raymond at the PDC last year!" in which case I’m referring to the user raymond. When writing a reply to someone’s tweet, you can prefix it with "@raymond" to indicate who you are talking to.

  7. ulric says:

    the @raymond lines simulate other user’s reply to the fictitious tweet.  the @ian would be raymond’s fictitious reply to the fictitious reply

  8. Miral says:

    Wouldn’t macro-tweeting be the use of a hotkey set up to send a tweet?  (I know, I know, different usage of "macro".  Still.)


  9. Technage says:

    I always think about signing up for twitter to keep up with grocery lists and stuff, but then I realize my current method is far superior.  A 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper with everything I need scribbled on it, conveniently folded and in my pocket for easy access.  Also it is a securer technology uncle sam has a hard time spying on my groceries.

  10. Mark (The other Mark) says:

    I wonder how hard it would be to write a parser that turns that into something human readable?

    Er, sorry. Todays task- parsing Pseudo-XML documents for data. Reading the twitter and reading a document that is almost, but not quite, exactly unlike real XML gives me similiar headaches.

  11. MadQ says:

    @Mark (not that one): you’re making this way too complicated. Just copy and paste (alternate) from uh… WebBroser X to an XML document in Vis… I mean IDE Y, and you’ll have a document that is almost, but not quite, a fair approximation of real XML. er.

    Where’s the Tyl^H^H^HPain Reliever Z?

  12. Rick C says:

    "A 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper with everything I need scribbled on it, conveniently folded and in my pocket for easy access"

    I am trying to work out a better method, because I tend to forget to bring a pen.  Last time I went shopping I tried one of the freeware list software programs for Windows Mobile.

    The next thing those guys need to come up with is to keep track of the order I check stuff off the list, under the assumption that will provide a model for how things are stored on the shelves, so the app can reorder my list for me.

  13. Zenfar says:

    Worst blog title ever!!!  Make my head want to explode :)  

    Cheers and love your regular posts.

  14. Gabe says:

    Rick C: I actually attempted such an app once, but it got screwed up when I went shopping at a different store or some items were moved for promotions.

  15. Miral says:

    @Rick C: There is a supermarket over Europe-way somewhere (don’t remember exactly) that has a little shopping computer attached to the trolley.  Just insert an SD card with your shopping list (or type it in) and it’ll show everything in the right order and tell you where it all is.

  16. Jules says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that while Americans routinely measure power in British Thermal Units, the measurement is almost never used in Britain?

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