The role of vitamin D in beta cell function: The dance

In January 2008, John Bohannon held a contest titled Dance your PhD, wherein contestants were invited to express their PhD thesis in five minutes through the medium of dance. It was such a hit that it came back for a sequel: The 2009 Dance Your Ph.D. contest.

Only a Game interviews John Bohannon [mp3]. You can also watch the winning dance, The role of vitamin D in beta cell function on YouTube, along with the other winners.

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  1. George Jansen says:

    This sounds like old Jules Feiffer strips.

  2. SRS says:

    Dancing? How can we dance when there’s UAC? I was trying to copy a file on Vista when UAC… drone, drone, drone etc… and it popped up 257 dialogs asking me to… yada yada yada…How can Microsoft… waffle, waffle… it shouldn’t be allowed etc… etc…

    Sorry. Sometimes I have to release the inner jerk.

    I feel better now.

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