Welcome to the 2008 holiday shopping season

Yes, maybe you're one of those crazy people who camps out in front of a store so you can be the first person in line to get this year's hot toy, or so you can snag one of the doorbuster deals. But be judicious in your rush, because the police are out there too, and they're shopping for something else.

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  1. Todd Laney says:

    Raymond are you enjoying your Wii? what is your high score in bowling?

  2. Igor Levicki says:

    I wonder who tipped off the coppers?

    Must be those nasty store owners, perhaps they even split the money raked in from speeding tickets?

  3. Brian says:

    I wonder if that’s the same Raymond Chen who is addicted to sneakers, considering the first thing he did after buying a Wii was buy a pair of Nikes.


  4. Neil (SM) says:

    Yeah, it must be the "other" Raymond Chen — he’s from Shoreline and he likes sneakers.

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