2008 Q3 link clearance: Microsoft blogger edition

It's that time again: Sending some link love to my colleagues.

[Raymond is currently away; this message was pre-recorded.]

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  1. John says:

    The Security Vulnerability Research & Defense blog COULD have been a useful resource, BUT comments are always disabled.  I know you would probably get a lot of the typical "zOMG M$ is teh suck!" and whatnot, but I think it would have been nice to have some kind of feedback mechanism.  I still read it regularly, and while the technical details are usually pretty good it irks me that comments are disabled.

  2. Gabe says:

    For those foiled by the broken href:

    (Smarter people than me have created a


    translation bot.)

  3. Matt Green says:

    WTL is awesome, and the way a library like that should be: minimal runtime dependencies and you only pay for what you use.

  4. J says:

    Write a bot (I mean Messenger Agent) and add the bot to your contact page as the way to talk to you.  Let the bot handle people complaining about how they dislike the built-in CD burning utility in Windows.  Make the bot appear to care.

  5. Greg D says:

    Yay!  I feel happy that I’ve already read over a third of those links, including all the ones that I would find particularly interesting.  My blog roll is in good shape.

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