Simply attach a piano to the end of the trebuchet

As easy as 1-2-3.

What's really scary is that they are hardly the only people to have done this. An Internet search will reveal many other people who've expressed similar musical talent.

Or you can build one out of an industrial robot and hurl flaming bowling balls.

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  1. Phil Scott says:

    There was actually an episode of Northern Exposure where Chris Stevens flings a piano.

  2. mikeb says:

    Yes, but you know that 90% of pianos are setup unattended – how does a trebuchet help with that?

  3. Steve D says:

    I am a bit worried about the robot with the flaming bowling balls in the desert scrub.  Geekiness severly outweighed common sense for that one.  Hurling flame amongst tinder-dry foliage?  Should be arrested for even attempting it!

    (Speaking as a Australian who has seen the effects of major fires with very small beginnings.)

  4. ray says:

    Can’t you just blit the piano from one location to the next? (avoiding damage in the process!)

  5. syntax nazi says:

    @steveg: syntax error, unmatched ‘(‘

  6. jondr says:


    Well, after impact, I bet it sounded a little FLAT.

  7. steveg says:

    @SteveD: <paraphrase>idiots!</paraphrase>

    Aw man… that’s why we have a bushfire dept, I presume California has similar (okay, I’m kidding, too. The house across the road from my parents house burnt down back in the bushfire of 2003 AND my ex-girlfriend’s parents house *did* burn down…

    I wanna a robot with a shiny metal trebuchet. Or a crossbow. That’d be cool. And a non-flammable playpen.

    (BTW if anyone’s seen Smash Lab… don’t. An hour watching YouTube a week is better use of your time)

  8. David Moisan says:

    Yeah, but what *sound* did it make?  Whenever I see flying pianos, I imagine Warner Brothers cartoons where pianos fall and make a very unmelodious noise when they hit a hapless coyote or cat.  I know the WB sound effects recordist just banged all the keys hard in the cartoon…but what does it sound like for *real*?

  9. kokomo says:

    There’s no guarantee that there’s somebody sitting in front of the piano when it’s playing. It could be a unattended player piano.

    The trebuchet is a zero carbon shipping method for minimizing global warming. But Igor will probably argue that the trebuchet does cost you some carbon credits since you’ll have to chop down some trees to constuct the trebuchet.

  10. steveg says:

    @syntax: Count ’em and weep.

    @jondr: you’re a natural, really sharp, humour of note, a real clef-hanger, well orchestrated, tied together etc. There! That should stave off any quaverings for future puns; I should take a rest before y’all get crotchety…

  11. syntax nazi says:


    i must be going blind. my apologies.

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