Dlaczego Microsoft zatopił Polskę?

A colleague of mine stopped by my office to tell me that he got a telephone call from his father in Poland asking him why Microsoft sunk Poland. My colleague was somewhat baffled by this question, since his father isn't a computer nerd, but his father explained that he saw the story on the front page of the newspaper. Apparently, the story ran in the largest Polish newspaper, but it doesn't appear that they credited their source, demonstrating that quality journalism is hard to find in any country. My guess is that the jump into Poland came from this page, which does credit my article. I'm just guessing, though, since I can't read Polish.

I just found it weird to see my stuff spreading all the way to general-audience newspapers in Poland.

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  1. Bz says:

    gazeta.pl cites "PC World Komputer" (it says Źródło: PC World Komputer) and it looks like they copied the story from that paper.

    In the first sentence it says that the explanation for the bug came from an MSDN blog:

    "W jednym z blogów umieszczonych na witrynie Microsoft Developer Network pojawiło się"

  2. Hakku says:

    What’s so strange about it? seems that you have at least few readers form Poland, like me for example ;]

  3. acq says:

    weird to see my stuff spreading all the way to general-audience newspapers in Poland

    Well the topic was really something visible to every Polish user of Windows(tm) XP(tm, rtm,  etc). And it’s not surprising that a "dead tree" newspaper doesn’t print the link to the blog page.

    They could have mentioned your name, but

    I’ve got the impression that you don’t like to be the target of bigger public interest, so did they kind of make you a favor?

  4. jeffdav says:

    It’s wierd, I know.  I still get mail from angry Swedes from the time I posted on how to fix CTRL+ENTER in IE because it had been localized to go to El Salvadorian sites in Sweden.  

  5. So tell me, Raymond, would you say that your hobby is linguistics, or learning languages? Not specifically in reference to this post, but I know in the past you’ve indicated that you’ve studied a number of languages.

  6. kats says:

    Now that your previous post has come full circle, the question is how long before this post gets picked up by some newspaper, which you then quote in another post…

  7. mac says:

    Actually the journalist (ŁB) who wrote that piece is famous of such, err, "journalism", mostly on anything Microsoft-related. Accusations, taking stuff out of context to create sensation, and most of all, not knowing much of the topic written on. If you only read any of his articles on Vista…

  8. Igor Levicki says:

    If you only read any of his articles on Vista…

    Why, I’d like to read those… ;-)

  9. Morten says:

    Re. the Missing Country: one of my colleagues just gave a much better explanation (it might not be correct, but it’s funnier hence better). It’s the climate. The Poles Are Melting…

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