Amusing bug reports: On poetry and prose

Back in Windows 95, there was one bug that was originally filed against the window manager team. Upon closer investigation, the window manager team determined that the bug was really in the video driver and added their analysis to the bug as they reassigned it. I don't know what overcame them, but the analysis was written in iambic pentameter. (It may have been rhymed couplets; my memory is kind of hazy. Gosh, I hope it wasn't haiku.)

At any rate, the device driver team added one comment to the bug immediately upon receiving it: "We ain't much fer book lernin'."

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  1. Karellen says:

    Sorry, but with that parenthetical statement consisting of 3 phrases, one of which mentions haiku, I can’t help but rewrite it so:

    Maybe rhymed couplets/Memory hazy like mist/I hope not haiku


  2. Evan says:

    I’m not sure if I should be a little proud or ashamed at the following commit log message for a class project I worked on:

    "refactoring / cbi_doStuff was long / not as much now"

    (I’m definitely not proud of the function name "cbi_doStuff" though.)

  3. Keithius says:

    It’s stuff like this that keeps me coming back, day after day. ;-)

  4. Craig Stuntz says:

    When I cancel spam on the CodeGear/Borland newsgroups I’ll occasionally write poetry as the cancellation reason, e.g.:

    Cancelling spam on a snowy Monday

    Whose groups these are I think I know

    Their building’s in Scotts Valley though

    They will not see me cancel here

    The posts of spammers, seeking dough

    My XanaNews must think it queer

    That Borland cannot engineer

    A spam filter which does not take

    The efforts of this volunteer

    To click these links is a mistake

    The products proffered must be fake

    And though the prices might seem cheap

    Just use your head, for goodness sake

    The questions here are dark and deep

    But I have ads and spam to sweep

    Another pointer on the heap

    Another pointer on the heap

  5. brian says:

    reading is for stupids

  6. David M says:

    As a reader of those newsgroups, Craig, I have to say thanks for your work keeping them clean.  I’ve never seen any of that poetry though?

    That is:

     Reading non-tech posts:

     Net monkeys complain too much

     Thankfully, no ads

    First one I’ve written for a long time, I think, but it seems appropriate for the topic :)

  7. What have you got against haiku?

  8. Starfish says:

    Haiku’s overused.

    Its prevalence is boring.

    What’s wrong with sonnets?

  9. Karellen says:

    Too many "haiku"

    Lack ref’rences to nature

    Feel bare like tundra

  10. Starfish says:

    My mistake is common

    I lament all false haiku

    Like a tree I’ll ‘leaf’

  11. 87 says:

    Farewell Haiku! thou art obscure for rhyming,

    Yet fools around the world have found thee now,

    The charter of thy birth is free from timing;

    And boys enjoy the slaughter of thy vowels.

    For how do I write thee but by thy granting?

    And for that fault where is my recompense?

    The myst’ry of thy verse is still enchanting,

    And so my lust for thee still grows immense.

    Thy self thou hid for cent’ries from all seeing,

    But many now discovered thy strange form;

    So thy great gift, not having escap’d fleeing,

    Flies true again, on wing of quill’ed swarm.

    Thus have we had thee, as a dream doth flatter,

    In poets awed, but in new minds just chatter.

  12. David Conrad says:

    A programmer hacking .NET

    Found bugs that he just couldn’t "get"

    He started debugging

    But ended up chugging

    A whole case of beer to forget!

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