The three tiers of a mixing room of a movie studio

Kai Jones describes what you see in the mixing room of a movie studio. It's very simple but very telling. I won't give away the punch line; go read it yourself. (It's the paragraph that begins, "We also went into the sound building.")

(Via Anita Rowland.)

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  1. JenK says:

    Wow, worlds collide…

    (I know Kai through a long-distance sweetie I met on Usenet in 94 or so.)

  2. matthew says:

    kinda not all that helpful praising the VIP tour and saying it’s worth the price without saying what the price is….

  3. Gabe says:

    It turns out that it’s $200 for a VIP pass, which includes the tour. I couldn’t figure out how much a regular tour costs, though.

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