Airport travel tip: LAX Terminal 6 (United)

When you enter Terminal 6 and turn right to enter the security queue, there are two sets of security equipment. If you are directed to the far set of equipment, you will find three lines for screening. At the point at which you have to choose which line to take, you can't see how your decision is going to play out. The arrangement is effectively the same as at Newark: You want to take the rightmost line, number three in the diagram below.

1 >>>------------------------+
2 >>>------------------+     |
3 >>>------------+     |     |
                 |     |     |
                 v     v     v
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  1. Darkstar says:

    Wait… isn’t the number 1 the rightmost line in the diagram? Or is it somehow reversed/switched/whatever?

  2. Darkstar says:

    Ah no, now I see how it works… this is as seen from above, right? Okay then, in that case it makes perfect sense…

  3. Tyler says:

    I just taking the (very) short line for first class passangers.

  4. Kip says:

    Are you crazy?  Not only are you discussing an airport, you posted a diagram of how to navigate it.  This is clearly a violation of the Patriot Act, and it’s probably a coded message to terrorists.  I’m reporting you to Homeland Security.  Then they’ll put you in the front of the line to get on the plane to Gitmo.

    That is all.

  5. Kip says:

    (just so we’re all clear, that was sarcasm)

  6. ::Wendy:: says:

    but if you like wathcing people in lines,  and listening to your musoc-player,  and your flicht isn’t for ages yet than maybe you actually want line one,  where you can see the effect of the horror of having to wait a little longer dawning on the faces of the people who think that time is very valuable and has been stolen from them.  Should I go to Nitpokcers corner now or later?  I’m not in a hurry,  I dont mind…  no really i don..  tra la la-la la…

  7. mikeb says:

    ASCII art diagrams???  Where’s the VML?

    [Old news. You had your chance. -Raymond]
  8. Mike Dunn says:

    Another LAX tip: Avoid terminal 1 at all costs. I liked flying United before (because of channel 9, the cockpit audio) but I like them more so now because they aren’t in terminal 1.

  9. Nick says:

    [Old news. You had your chance. -Raymond]

    And about time too!  I was getting sick and tired of not being able to see diagrams with my browser of choice: telnet.  Everything else is just too bloated, and I can run telnet on my trusty old 5150.

  10. Snaaaaake says:

    No, Darkstar, you have to walk *on top* of those in queue 3 to get into queue 2. And likewise for for queue 1. So even though queue 1 is longer, it’s decidedly less painful.

  11. Dave says:

    Another LAX tip: Avoid terminal 1 at all costs.

    A more comprehensive tip: Avoid LAX at all costs.  If you’re taking an international flight (transpacific), fly via SFO.  I do this route frequently (or at least used to), and from long experience I’d rate LAX as the most painful airport in the world (although Heathrow after their security-paranoia-created bottleneck is a close second).  Even places like Pulkovo or Domodedovo, which you’d expect to be somewhat painful, are a pleasure compared to going through LAX.

  12. Dewi Morgan says:

    Hurrah for ascii art diagrams.

    In general, then, on seeing three queues with no visible endpoint, the centre queue is likely the best "safe bet". This explains a lot of the driving I see on 3-lane motorways ("interstates"? "highways"?) in the UK.

  13. STANDARD says:

    At least the standard format SVG should be used for diagrams.

  14. rdamiani says:

    I fly out of LAX Terminal 1 all the time, and I rarely wait more than 30 min or so for the security lines. The ‘trick’ is to sleep in and let all you early risers inflict pain on each other. They opened up two more screening areas last year too – they used parts of what used to be gate 1 and gate 2 – helps keep the lines a bit shorter.

    Terminal 3 is my favorite one though. The concessions are better, the gates are close together, and when I’m there I’m usually going to Hawaii. I like going to Hawaii.

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