Note to locals: Lincoln Center is in New York City, not Bellevue

In downtown Bellevue there is a mall named Lincoln Square, but I hear people refer to it with some frequency as Lincoln Center.

Just a reminder: Lincoln Center is in New York City.

Nitpicker's corner

There are many other places in the world with the names Lincoln Square and Lincoln Center.

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  1. Toukarin says:

    I simply love the Nitpickers’ Corner, even for short posts like these.

    I wonder how many comments would have nitpicked at the topic if it weren’t present…

  2. SkookumPete says:

    It’s because everything is a "center" these days. Yesterday I noticed that the Humane Society boarding kennel in Bellevue is called a "boarding center". See for more examples.

  3. There’s a "Russell’s paradox" joke lurking in the concept of this post having a "nitpicker’s corner"… left as an exercise.

  4. Wolf Logan says:

    I have to say it, since I happened to drive by it last night, and the name jumped out at me (no, not literally) — there really *is* a Lincoln Center (Business Park) in Bellevue, right next to I405 (and not too far from Lincoln Square).

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