The Thing? Mystery of the desert

NPR reported on The Thing?, a surreal yet kitchy roadside attraction on Interstate 10 in Arizona which has cryptic (and therefore intriguing) advertising signs for hundreds of miles. Listen as Rene Gutel of member station KJZZ in Phoenix gets to the bottom of the enduring mystery: What is The Thing?

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  1. A_Me! says:

    I had heard of the place before by spotting one of their billboards out on the interstate, possibly at the end of their advertising network, merely a yellow defaced [THE THING?] on my way towards Vegas.

    I visited this roadside store and museum just last year, it was pretty interesting in the way most of the ‘odd desert roadside’ attractions are.  Pay two dollars to see The Thing?…who could pass up that deal?  (I might have been able to save a buck if I’d closed one eye.)

  2. Norman Diamond says:

    The real mystery:  How do we even know if the thing is real or not?

    If the thing ever did explode at someone, it should have been detected by seismographs world wide.

    There even used to be a photo of me somewhere on the web.  But is there a photo of the thing?  Nooooo.  I’m suspicious.

  3. JimKueneman says:

    Raymond how could you!  I live within 30 minutes of "The Thing" and for the last 25 years have driving by that exit at least 100 times.  I have never stopped to see what it was and never asked anyone what it was.  I would just let my imagination go wild.  Now I know what it is!  Oh well I guess I will now have imagine where in the rocky crevices of the Dragoons Cochise’s was laid to rest a few miles west of The Thing.


  4. Al says:

    Is it an old or new thing, though?

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