It’s official, it’s the Hannukah Eve Storm of 2006

(Following up on an earlier entry.) The National Weather Service chose a name for the wind storm of December 2006: It's going to be called the "Hanukkah Eve Wind Storm of 2006".

But what is Hannukah Eve? Eh, it doesn't look like anybody's getting too worked up over that.

You can download the entire list of entries (over 5000 of them) from the NOAA web site. They also have their own discussion of how the contest went.

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  1. Pamela says:

    If only Colbert had pushed this on his show a little more, maybe others would have submitted this one as well…

    "Stephen T. Colbert Wind Storm of Truthiness"

  2. John Hensley says:

    Lucky Jews, they had a week’s worth of candles on hand.

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