I wouldn’t be surprised if O. J. Simpson wrote a new book

You know, it's gotten to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if O. J. Simpson wrote a new book titled If I Were the Father of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby.

Just saying.

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  1. Nish says:

    If he did that, he’d be featured on Oprah for sure.

  2. Cooney says:

    Actually, K-fed’s the father.

  3. old_creepy_guy says:

    No, K-fed is not the father, neither is O.J.  

    I Am!!!  :-)

    Seriously, Raymond, this whole "I am the father" thing is really getting out of hand.  Why can’t she just be allowed to R.I.P?

  4. Vorn says:

    No, no.

    It’s Darth Vader.

    Get it right.


  5. Sean W. says:

    That’d never make headlines in the tabloids.  If you want them to notice it, include the words "Elvis," or "Bigfoot," or "alien," possibly like this:  "If Elvis was the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s alien baby, this is how he would’ve done it.  Photos on pp. 5-193."  Now *there’s* a headline we can all be proud of :-D

  6. The competition says:

    A new book with an old story?  What kind of thing would that be?

  7. David Pritchard says:

    You failed to apply O.J. grammar: it should be "If I am the father" or "If I was the father".

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