Separated at birth: The Windows XP SP2 launch team

When Paul Thurott interviewed the Windows XP SP2 launch team, he also included publicity photos of many of the team members. Which, of course, prompted me to play a game similar to my stunt casting of Harry Potter, namely, "Separated at birth?"

Todd Wanke
Robert Redford
Rebecca Norlander
Lisa Kudrow
Mark Harris
Ryan Stiles
Laurie Litwack
Paula Poundstone
Jim Allchin
Andy Warhol
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  1. Spire says:

    This is fun! Let me have a try.

    Todd Wanke: Ryan O’Neal.

    Rebecca Norlander: Maya Rudolph.

    Mark Harris: Woody from "Toy Story".

    Laurie Litwack: Cynthia Stevenson. Or Meryl Streep.

    Jim Allchin: Clay Aiken.

  2. Eric Lippert says:

    I love how Reb looks like she’s about to play a practical joke on you and can barely keep from laughing.  Fabulous photo.

  3. Cody says:

    I think the Ryan Stiles resemblance is the best.  Then again, I like Ryan Stiles a little too much.

    [It was the Ryan Stiles resemblance that inspired the entire exercise! -Raymond]
  4. Tim says:

    Jim Allchin has always reminded me of Skeletor from He Man and the Masters of the Universe.

  5. Reuben Harris says:

    Anyone else reckon Todd Wanke has an alarming resemblence to John Carmack?

    That’s the second time I’ve seen his mugshot and both times I’ve thought "Carmack!"…

    (Here’s a pic of John Carmack:

  6. Cooney says:

    Jim Allchin always reminded me of a zombie movie :)

  7. Jon says:

    It looks like the Lisa Kudrow picture was blocked.  You might consider hosting the pictures yourself rather than hotlinking, given the size of your readership and the bandwidth costs of image hosting.  I see that your Harry Potter post had some of its images blocked, presumably for that same reason.

  8. Cody says:

    "You might consider hosting the pictures yourself rather than hotlinking"

    Short of using photobucket or something similar, he can’t.  The blog software and/or settings don’t give him any space to upload images.

  9. Jason says:

    Is Paula Poundstone really someone you would want to be associated with?

  10. Mike says:

    Including images from other sites is considered bad form at best, bandwidth stealing at worst…

  11. required says:

    No. Worst is "embarassing", when you find your blog is actually displaying porn because someone at the linked site got vindictive.

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